Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Seven Harry Pye Collages made in Lock Down

These collages are all size: A3 and priced at £100 (not including postage and packing)

BELOW: Collage Number 1: "The Yes Men" (SOLD)

BELOW: Collage Number 2: "Everyone Says Hi" (SOLD)

BELOW: Collage Number 3: "Three Cheers For Prince Rahotep" (SOLD)

BELOW: Collage Number 4: "Life Is Good

BELOW: Collage Number 5: "God Is Dead" (Still Available)

BELOW: Collage Number 6: "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day" (Still Available)

BELOW: Collage Number  7: "Planet Metformin" (Still available)

Get in touch: harry_pye@hotmail.com

Sunday, 28 March 2021

Jo Mama's Movie Star Tributes on the Le Document You Tube Channel

 Jo Mama is an artist whose paintings have featured in shows at galleries and artist run spaces in both London and Kent including; Gallery 64a, The Mainstream GalleryThe A-Side B-Side Gallery, The Stash Gallery and Studio One. Jo is also the film critic for Le Document magazine where each month she writes a profile on a different Hollywood Star. Filmmakers Team Beswick and Pye are currently making a video version of Jo's tribute to Humphrey Bogart. Jo's text will be read by the actor Christopher Strauli. The film's soundtrack will be composed and performed by Francis Macdonald. The film features Bogart inspired artworks by a plethora of the usual suspects... 

Above: Collage by Leonie Woods

Above: Painting by Harry Pye and Rowland Smith
Above: Painting by James Johnston
Above: Artwork by Chris Tosic

Above: Another Artwork by Chris Tosic

Above: Painting by Harry Pye and Kes Richardson

Above: Drawing by Christian Furr
Above: artwork by Harry Pye and Chris Tosic

 Above: Drawing by: Mikey Georgeson

Above: Artwork by Jo Mama
Above Artwork by Cathy Lomax

Above Artwork by Georgia Hayes

Above: Painting by Harry Pye

More news soon...