Monday, 18 November 2019

The Spammed Get It On with Tony Visconti

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be a fly on the wall at Rak Studios where supergroup, The Spammed were recording a cover of Marc Bolan's Get It On. The track will appear on a Specialized compilation released album next year entitled, Blockbuster.
Since 2012, The Specialized team have been putting out splendid CD compilations of cover versions that are sold in aid of charities that improve the lives of teens and young adults with cancer or who are living in difficult circumstances. The Specialized Project supports The Teenage Cancer Trust, National Foundation for Youth Music and Tonic Music for Mental Health. Paul Willo, who is one of the key people in charge of The Specialized project, recently announced that this year alone sales of the last compilation album and ticket money from their live festival events raised over £24,000 and that over the last 7 years, an astonishing £200,000 has been raised. You can find out more about them and the great things they do by clicking: here. The Spammed (Kevin Eldon, Neil Innes, Horace Panter, Rat Scabies, and Micko Westmoreland) were joined by their special guest pals; guitarist Jon Klein, saxophonist Terry Edwards, and singer Kristeen Young. Sitting in the producer's chair was none other than Mr Tony Visconti. Here are 15 of the many snaps I took at Rak studios.
Photo ONE: In the back row there's Tony, Neil, Jon, Rat, Horace, Terry, Kristeen. And in the front row it's Micko and Kev.
TWO:Neil and Micko
THREE: Hardworking Horace on the bass
FOUR: Horace does his best Mickey Mouse impression
FIVE:Tony and Wes
SIX: Kev 'n' Horace
SEVEN:2-Tone legend Sir Horace Panter being interviewed by Ben Willmott. During the interview Horace was keen to sing the praises of Paul Willo and Specialized team. Paul Willo is the lead singer of The Skapones which you can find out about: here.
EIGHT:It's Kevin
NINE: Tony conducts The Spammed
TEN: The amazing Wes Maebe at his mixing desk
ELEVEN: Jon Klein impressed everyone with his guitar playing. Ex Banshee Jon is now a proud member of Micko and the Mellotronics. Check out their latest single, The Finger: here.
TWELVE: When I took this photo I was wearing a t-shirt designed by Duglas of The BMX Bandits which features a hand painted skeleton. Spookily the reflection of the skeleton has found itself under Terry's face.
FOURTEEN: Klein and Innes. Neil's fab new album, 'Nearly Really' is available from: here
FIFTEEN: Mr Scabies
Last year The Spammed recorded a cover of the 2-Tone classic, The Prince which features on, "Specialized 8 - Check One 2 the Spirit of 79"
There are a few copies still available to buy from: here A snip at just £18


  1. You know something, I think that this looks like being *even better* than the last time that a supergroup recorded a cover version of 'Get It On'...

  2. Yes, I'm smugly confident that what Tony Visconti and The Spammed recorded on Sunday will be more pleasing to your ears than the versions of, 'Get It On' we've heard by; Boy George,
    Blondie, or indeed, The Power Station featuring Robert Palmer.

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