Sunday, 2 October 2011

Q & A with L. Vaughan Spencer

"Don't Be Needy Be succeedy" are the wise words or self help guru L. Vaughan Spencer. The Rebel magazine were lucky to get him to find the time to answer a few questions...

The Rebel: Do you ever wake up feeling bored?
L.Vaughan Spencer: "Never. Success is just waiting to be grabbed!"

What makes you want to get out of bed?
"All those people who need my help. And my morning exercise routine."

What items do you never leave the house without?
"My pony tail."

What's your favourite part of London (North or south?)
"North, of course! Luton to be precise - home of London Luton Airport. Just one corner of the Succeeder Triangle (Luton - Watford - Stevenage) - our answer to Silicon Valley."

What music gets you on the dance floor?
"Billy Ocean."

Do you agree with Oprah Winfrey that people ask too much from relationships? She says your girlfriend or boyfriend should be like the cherry on top and that you should be responisble for 95% of your happiness.
"I don't eat cherries. But I have had two very successful marriages so far."

Have you been in love, have you been hurt?
"Oh yeah. But I am the Wounded Healer."

Is it wrong to hate?
"I only hate failure."

Do woman really go crazy for a sharp dressed man or is that just a myth?
"Depends if his colours are right. I am an Autumn person, hence wear Autumn colours."

Some people believe that you are what you eat - do you eat healthy, nutricious food?
"Yes, I follow the Alphabet Diet - only eat food that begins with the same letter as your name."

Is Uri Geller a good man or a bad man?
"The best."

"Every cloud has a silver lining but every lining is on a cloud". What say you?
"Have you seen the lining of my jacket? It's fantastic."

What do you love most about the life you lead?
"You - I mean the people whose lives I have changed. I hope to see lots of you on October 11 in Leeds and October 17 in London!"

(Neil Mullarkey's alter ego L. Vaughan Spencer brings his show to Leeds on 11 October and London on 17 October

"The the laughs cascade. Eerily life-enhancing comedy." LONDON EVENING STANDARD
"Superb pastiche; it's Borat meets The Office." SUNDAY TIMES)
For more info:

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