Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Twenty 45s

Here are a selection of the singles which will be available for 99p each at Harry & Jasper's 99p Store at The Other Art Fair...
(Above: The Rolling Stones)
(Above: Dexy's Midnight Runners)
(Above: The Fun Boy 3)
(Above: Tom Jones)
(Above: Marty Wilde)
(Above: The Streets)
(Above: Adam Faith)
(Above: Dizzy Gillespie)
(Above: Cilla Black)
(Above: Prince)
(Above: Blondie)
(Above: Rod Stewart)
(Above: Charles Aznavore)
(Above: Everly Bros)
(Above: R. Dean Taylor)
(Above: Kevin Rowland & Dexys)
(Above: Elvis)
(Above: Cliff Richard)
(Above: Beatles)
(Above: Jimmy Nail)

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