Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The next issue of The Rebel comes with a free 5 track e.p.

Attention all fans of quality rock and pop. An astonishing five track compact disc is being given away gratis with the next issue of The Rebel. The "I Remember e.p." features "Young Stewart" sung by Adrian R. Shaw and his friends THE BEALE, and it features "I Just Rock Up At These Things" by RUSSELL WALKER (of The Pheroemoans)and it features a demo version of "San Fransisco" performed by ORPHEUS KNOXX, and it features "Philae" performed by TROGONS, and it features "Cul De Sac" (a.k.a Cookie Part III) performed by MIKEY GEORGESON. This priceless e.p is not available in any shop! It comes in a signed edition of 50. Each C.D was bought in Tescos and then drawn on with special pens by Harry Pye BA Fine Art (hons). Come to the private view of "I Remember" at The A Side B Side Gallery and snap up your copy of The Rebel for just £2.
(Below: Track One is by The Beale)
(Image below is Russell Walker)
(Image below: Orpheus Knoxx)
(Image below represents Trogons)
(Image below: Mikey Georgeson)

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