Thursday, 16 May 2013

Rare Breeds Contemporary Art Market at The Residence Gallery

RARE BREEDS CONTEMPORARY ART MARKET 1 - 23 June 2013 Opening Shopping Party: 1 JUNE, 12 – 6PM With RESIDENCE RADIO DJs, Special Guests, Happy Hour, Alco-CockPops, Collector’s Chill-Out Garden, Sexy Artists, Market Callers, Promotions & Prizes! ROLL UP! ROLL UP! THE RESIDENCE GALLERY is firing up the Art Mart for its HOT summer sizzler! This June the gallery transforms into a meat market contaminated by contemporary art. Look beyond the Bacon to find rare cuts from a new breed of pedigree British, exotic, established and scandalously unknown artists. For the enticement of discerning consumers expect High Quality Contemporary Art prints (framed and unframed), Geometrical wonders, Bling art P. Did would want, Sculptural Reincarnations, Important Drawings, Altmodern Collectables, Signed & Numbered VIP Passes to Defining International Art Events, Luxury hand-made one off’s (for half their established value) and pieces we can’t name, all from £2 - £200! That’s well Meryl Streep! Highlights include Harry Pye’s original drawings, Emma Watson’s Animal Disco re-constructivism (see photo above), Beccy McCray’s bling hip-hop cakes, blue prints to William Alexander’s ice-cream van, Box Broz Bakelite Kodak Brownie photography, Nicola Carter’s modern Rococo prints, David Miller’s photos of aristocratic debris rising from walnut veneer, Emily Marjot’s Burnt Out vitrines, Samantha Bull’s rockin’ taxidermy mice, Thomas Poeser’s divine geometric mandala prints, Dianne Kaufman’s metaphysical watercolours, The Residence Gallery’s own heat activated technicolour ready to wear, and plenty more!!! SAMANTHA BULL / HARRY PYE / THERESA FOX / THOMAS POESER / SOPHIE CROW / DESIGNOSAUR / SHERRIE - LEIGH WEBB / ELECTRA / EMMA WATSON / LIAM RYAN / HANNAH FUTERS / NICOLA CARTER / MIKE LANE / VANESSA SCULLY / LESLIE DEERE / RASHA KAHIL / BOX BROZ / SOPHIE DIMARTINO / ROBERT HAWKINS / JOANNA TIDEY / MARK SIEBERT / EMILY MARJOT / PHILIPPE TYAN / RICHARD GALLON / WILLIAM ALEXANDER / DIANNE KAUFMAN / JON MUIR / CHRISTINA MITRENTSE / JONAS RANSON / DAVID MILLER / BECCY MCCRAY / LAURA LAJBER BODO / PATRICK MORRISSEY / CLIVE HANZ HANCOCK / CARL BURNESS / ALEXANDER HEATON / ANTONIETTA TORSIELLO / ALEXANDER TEMPLETON –WARD / MARK OLIVER / RACHEL LOVATT / DANIELLE DRAINEY / OGGY YORDANOV / RUIZ STEPHINSON / NADJA RYZHAKOVA / RCKAY/ MICK FRANGOU / INGRID Z / THE RESIDENCE GALLERY Spend over £25 to be dubbed a CULTURAL INVESTMENT BANKER and awarded the gold or silver official Residence Gallery bag-for-life. OINK! Join the event on FACEBOOK now! (Above image: Ingrid Z)

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