Thursday, 13 June 2013

ELVIS exhibition at The A Side B Side Gallery opens July 18th

When The A Side B Side Gallery discovered that this Summer marked the 60th anniversary of Elvis Presley going into Sun Studios and making his first ever recording they said: "Let's have a party!" 30 artistic Elvis fans have contributed a painting, photo or drawing of The King and 30 others have written a personal tribute. The show was curated by Chloe Mortimer and Harry Pye. Chloe says: "Elvis Presley was strikingly handsome and his singing touched the hearts of millions. For some, the Elvis story may have ended in 1977 but for me it goes on. He was always there for me and I find that even now he's always on my mind." Harry says: "I was delighted when Chloe asked for my help in finding artists for his show. For the last 12 months I've been compiling a book which is an A to Z of Elvis. The more I researched into Elvis the more I loved him. I hope this show will be sexy, funny, sincere, sad, touching, exciting and full of contradictions - just like Elvis." Catherine & Tinsel: "The A Side B Side Gallery is proud to be the host of a show dedicated to the King of Rock and Roll. For 6 decades Elvis has inspired many artists including Peter Blake (who has made 6 shrines to Elvis) and Andy Warhol (whose double Elvis work recently sold for 37 million dollars). The contributors to "I Love You Because" are from all over the world, we hope we can squeeze everyone in and look forward to seeing you there!" The first 500 visitors to the gallery will receive a free copy of "The Rebel magazine's Elvis Special" sponsored by Immprint.
(ABOVE: Elvis by Team Beswick & Pye)
(Above: Collage by Chloe Mortimer below drawing by Elena Garcia de la Fuente)
(Above: El Buddah by Sandra Turnbull)
(Above "Elvis" by Rebecca Fontaine Wolf Below: "The Elvis Impigeonator" by Twinkle Troughton)
(Above: "The Boy King" by by Harry Adams. Oil, graphite, charcoal and encaustic on sack cloth covered board 61 x 45 cm)
(Above: Elvis as Tony Hancock painted by Paul Hamilton)
(Above "Elvis" by Nicole Willis" Below "Elvis & Lisa Marie by Sarah Doyle)
The address of the venue is: A-Side B-Side Gallery, 5 to 9 Amhurst Terrace, London E8 2BT (The gallery is open Thurs to Sun, 12 till 6pm) On Sunday 5th of August Harry Pye will be launching his A to Z of Elvis published by Not So Noble Books! In alphabetical order the 30 artists in the show are: Harry Adams, Simeon Banner, Emma Coleman, Anka Dabrowska, Tinsel Edwards, Zavier Ellis, Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf, Elana Garcia de la Fuente, Mikey Georgeson, Paul Hamilton, Peter Harris. Cathy Lomax. Bob London, Lee Maelzer, Catherine Magnani, Stephanie Moran, Karen Morden, Chloe Mortimer, Liam Newnham, Gavin Nolan, Horace Panter, Rachael Robb, Alli Sharma, Sarah Sparks, Team Beswick & Pye, Twinkle Troughton, Sandra Turnbull, Julian Wakeling, Chris Webster, Nicole Willis, Carlo Zenone

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