Saturday, 12 October 2013

More photos from Deptford X (2013)

Thanks to everyone who made this show so much fun!
Above: Bob & Roberta Smith
Above: Tracey Williams
Above: Skittle the Dog
Above: Paul Hamilton with his Sexy like a Strawberry painting
Above: Mikey & Jackie plus paintings by Peter Lamb
Above: Klariti smiling, Chris Coombes and Julian Wakeling open the champers
Above: Painting by Jackie Clark.
Above: Liam Newnham
Above: work by Marie Smith
Above: Sarah Sparkes corner
Above: Painting by Clare Price
Above: Edward Ward's drawing of the inside of a cat
Above: Rowland Smith and Ed Ward
Above: A facebook photo of Calum F Kerr leading a seance
Above: Mikey's photo of one of our kind helpers
Above: Taking a closer look
Above: The lovely Paul Wye
Above: Trouble makers

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