Sunday, 9 March 2014

Feedback on Sympathy For Jean-Luc Godard by Francis Macdonald and Harry Pye

Have you seen Sympathy For Jean Luc Godard by Francis Macdonald and Harry Pye? It's been getting a reasonable 100 hits on You Tube each day so far but that's not enough. Gordon Beswick filmed and edited the video and also took this photo of Francis and Harry's funsize artwork.
Lots of kind people have said kind things about the song and video. Here, in no particular order, are 10 pieces of positive feedback... "It left me breathless" (Julian Wakeling) "Great stuff" (Douglas Anderson)"Well done. Lovely music and artwork. Thanks for posting. Great singing on this video and well-written lyrics." (Adrian Bell) "Very sweet. A bon bon. Particularly surprising was that its 6m running time was v. effective. It maintained its dreaminess and standard.A crackeur!" (Paul Hamilton)"Dandy XXXX" (John Hind) "I love it, the song is so beautiful and so are the images. It's gorgeous, and hilarious too." (Clare Price) "Educational and entertaining - C'est fantastique" (Douglas T Stewart.)"This is Great!" (Gemma De La Cruz of Art & Music magazine.) There's also been a rave review from Mark Barton who writes for the God Is In The TV website: "Kissed with a wistfulness that sits shyly somewhere between the butterflies of love and the trembling blues stars, this lulling honey crusted nugget is caressed in a carefree flightiness shimmering and radiating feel good vibes throughout your listening space whilst speckled with a lazy eyed aura that’s subtly drizzled in an alluring 60’s toned Francophile pop aura." And another thumbs up from Roland Monger's Listen With Monger blog... "Delightful stuff... The gentle repeated refrain of 'Je t'aime Godard' is a beautifully soft expression of love whilst the counter argument of 'Je n'aime pas Monsieur Guy Ritchie, his films mean nothing to me' shows off the understated sense of humour of Macdonald"
Update: "Sympathy For Jean-Luc Godard" is one of the tracks featured on the debut album "Bonjour" which is released on Hostess records.

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