Thursday, 7 July 2016

Nine Lives exhibition at Mainstream Gallery

Nine Lives exhibition at The Mainstream Gallery in Kent features the work of Barney Bubbles, Mel Cole Russell Herron, Phil King, Cathy Lomax, Erica Macarthur, David Shrigley, Julian Wakeling, and Roeland Zijlstra.
Above Images by Julian Wakeling.
Above Image by Mel Cole.
Above Image: "Zola" by Russell Herron.
Above Image: "Quack" by David Shrigley.
Above image: Untitled by Roeland Zijlstra.
Above Image: "Do It Yourself" by Barney Bubbles
Above Image by Cathy Lomx.
Above Image by Erica Macarthur.
Above Image by Phil King. The Nine Lives exhibition will run from the first of September until the 30 November 2016.

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