Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Glassbox, Paris

Glassbox is an artist run space in Paris, France.The exhibition "It May Be Rubbish but it's British Rubbish" took place there in May, 2000. http://www.glassbox.fr/
Image above: Top photo is of one of the artists in charge of the space: Gemma Sheddon. The second photo shows artist Chris Coombes taking a photo of curator Harry Pye (wearing sunglasses) with friend Liz Purchase standing in front of a photo by Neil Reddy..
Above: Two Glassbox curators standing in front of a photo by Luke Gotellier. And a photo of a local eccentric who called himself "English Bob" looking at an early painting by Dominic Kennedy.
Other artists whose work featured in the exhibition include: Gordon Beswick, Eilidh Crumlish, Kevin Francis Gray, Geoff Lucas, Phil McCluney, Bruce McLean, Hadrian Pigott, Matilda Pye, Phil McCluney, Kit Wise, and Sarah Wood. The show was curated by Harry Pye and the works were hung by Johnny de Veras.

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