Friday, 1 September 2017

Barney Bubbles exhibition in Lambeth Walk

Last night I went to the opening of "OPTICS & SEMANTICS" at Rob Tufnell's gallery, 139 Lambeth Walk, S.E.11. The exhibition, curated by Paul Gorman, is a retrospective of furniture, posters, records, videos, badges and ephemera designed or directed by Barney Bubbles (1942-1983). Many of his greatest hits such as the 28 different versions of Ian Dury's Do It Yourself album and the video for Ghost Town by The Specials were included in the show as well as a few things I'd never seen before such as the formica and lacquer ‘AC/DC Desk’ which is based upon a British Standard three-pin plug and socket. The exhibition is open 12 – 6pm, Thursday – Saturday and it's well worth a look.For further information contact
Above: Me wearing my Blockhead badge with pride. In the display box is a fold-out version of Elvis Costello's Armed Forces.
Above:Liz and Loretta with some Do It Yourself sleeves.
Above: Mikey recreates one of Humphrey Ocean's poses.
Above: Rob Tufnell "Four eyes one vision"
Above: Rita pulls the plug
Above: Reasons to be cheerful
Above: If you're interested in the exciting new collaboration between Fred Perry and Barney Bubbles go to Fred Perry shop in Henrietta Street in London’s Covent Garden and/or visit Paul Gorman's site:

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