Thursday, 19 September 2019

Stretched 2019

Stretched 2019 is an exciting art event that raises cash for the students of Farnham. It runs from 23rd Oct and ends with a silent auction of anonymous works on Tues 19th Nov. Bids start from just £5! 27 professional artists (listed below) were sent a mini canvas (thanks to Winsor and Newton), to do with as they wished. But will you be able to guess who is behind the lot numbers??? Exhibition and bidding goes live on 23rd Oct. Lots will be numbered and posted this day. Sam Baker, Orlanda Broom, Greig Burgoyne, Gary Colclough, Amanda Couch, Andrew Ekins, Andrea Gregson, Holly Hendry, Alice Jacobs, Chris Jones, Peter Jones, Cathy Lomax, Naty Lopez-Holguin, Lee Maelzer, Kate MccGwire, Ryan Mosley, Harry Pye, Sinta Tantra, Kate Terry, Elly Thomas, Rhys Trussler, Srin Surti, Kate Street, Duncan Swan, Geraldine Swayne, Paul Vivian, Richard Wathen.

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