Thursday, 19 March 2020

Warhol Show at Tate Modern

Above: A bus in Lewisham carries an ad for the Andy Warhol show at Tate Modern. Sadly the gallery is closed, "until at least the 1st of May." I managed to sneak in on Tuesday and take a few snaps.
Above: Lovely Liz Taylor
Above: A Floating Silver Pillow.
Above: Elvis Lives
Above: Souper show
Above: Marilyn
Above: The Book Shop
Above: The smell of... "You're In"
This exhibition is organised by Tate Modern and Museum Ludwig, Cologne in collaboration with the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto and Dallas Museum of Art. If you're a fan of Warhol you may appreciate the current issue of Le Document. See: here for interviews with Warhol's biographer Victor Bockris, plus Warhol poems by Mikey Georgeson, an essay bout The Velvet Underground by Richard Strange, and text on Warhol's self portrait by Dexter Dalwood.

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Issue 3 of Le Document is out on the 15th of March

Follow Le Document on Instagram: here The Contents of Issue Three will include... Art work of the Month: Warhol's 1986 Self Portrait chosen by Dexter Dalwood
Pet of The Month: Dali the Cat...
Essay of the Month: Richard Strange on The Velvet Underground
Interview of the Month: Victor Bockris
Profile of the Month: Audre Lorde
Photo of the Month: 'Kaleidoscope' by
plusPoem of the month by Mikey Georgeson, Astrology by Jo Mama, & much more

Friday, 6 March 2020

Abstract Paintings by Harry Pye

Above: 'Fehllesitung' by Harry Pye, Jan, 2020.
Above: 'Heimlich'by Harry Pye, Feb, 2020.
Above: 'Abwehr' by Harry Pye, March 2020

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Picture Palace at Transition Two

Picture Palace’ is the farewell show at Transition Two, 110a Lauriston Road, London E9 7HA, and features over 100 artists all of whom have shown at Transition or featured in their magazines at some point in their 17 plus year history. It will feature small works on paper inspired by films, stars and cinema. All of the work will be for sale with prices to suit all pockets. Money from sales will be split between gallery and artist with the gallery portion ensuring that they can continue to curate and publish in the future. PV: Saturday 7 March, 6.30-8.30pm, continues 8 March - 5 April, open Fri-Sun 12-6pm Image above is ‘Jean-Luc Godard’, pencil on paper, 18cm x 26.2cm, 2020 by Russell Herron. Image below is 'Groucho' pen an pencil on paper 2020 by Harry Pye
Participating artists include: Michael Ajerman, Susan Aldworth, Carolina Ambida, Bridgette Ashton, Kim Baker, Oliver Bancroft, Mike Bartlett, Julie Bennett, Sara Berman, Gina Birch, Andrew Bracey, Rose Bradshaw, Alice Browne, Jo Bruton, Kirsty Buchanan, Ruth Calland, Jennifer Campbell, Augustine Carr, Jacob Cartwright, Melanie Carvalho, Giovanna Maria Casetta, Ruby Cedar, Jackie Chettur, Jake Clark, Julie Cockburn, Paul Cole, Rosemary Cronin, Mark Croxford, Gordon Dalton, David Dipre, Karen Douglas, Freya Douglas-Morris, Sarah Doyle, Annabel Dover, Tamara Dubnyckyj, Lucy Evetts, Luci Eyers, Grant Foster, Nina Mae Fowler, Archie Franks, Patrick Galway, Damian Griffiths, Julia Hamilton, Susie Hamilton, Kirsty Harris, Stephen Harwood, Georgia Hayes, Roger Healey-Dilkes, Russell Herron, Carol Ho, Paul Housley, Marc Hulson, Tom Hunter, Henry Hussey, Timothy Hyman, Sam Jackson, Martina Jenne, Nick Jordan, Tash Kahn, Calum F Kerr, Paul Kindersley, Sharon Kivland, Lady Lucy, Peter Lamb, Laura Lancaster, Adam Latham, Debbie Lawson, Delaine Le Bas, Sharon Leahy-Clark, Simon Leahy-Clark, Mindy Lee, Robert Leech, Hayley Lock, Cathy Lomax, Fiona Lumbers, Gary McDonald, Jeff McMillan, Enzo Marra, Alex Michon, Eleanor Moreton, Nicholas Middleton, Tabitha Moses, Kate Murdoch, Paul Murphy, Gary O’Connor, House of O’Dwyer, Marcus Oakley, Nina Ogden, Kim Pace, Joanna Pawlowska, Lisa Penny, Paige Perkins, Cathie Pilkington, Vera Portatadino, Narbi Price, Harry Pye, Beth Emily Richards, Neal Rock, Melanie Rose, Mark Scott-Wood, Alli Sharma, Charlotte Squire, Heidi Stokes, Ilona Szalay, Kathleen Thompson, Mimei Thompson, Joel Tomlin, Katherine Tulloh, Toby Upson, Jacqueline Utley, Jessica Voorsanger, Tom Walker, David Webb, Isaac Willis, Fionn Wilson, Isabel Young

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Issue deux of Le Document

Bonnes nouvelles! Issue Two of Le Document is now available. Contents include:
Below: Drawing of the Month by Gav Toye ('Drawing Object Two: Figures, Fork, Spoon - Narrative' (2019)
Below: Painting of the Month A Bore Asleep by Adriaen Brouwer (selected by Martin Sexton)
Below: Photo of the Month: Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew by Tracey Williams.
The new issue also features an interview with Billy Childish, a profile on W.H. Auden, reviews of Julian Cope and a nice picture of a Custard Cream by Chris Tosic

Friday, 24 January 2020

Jerry Dammers Painting for Art In A Box 2

The March issue of Mojo (on sale now) has news of the 2 Tone legend Jerry Dammers returning to his art school roots to help a charity called CALM. The auction Art In A Box 2: Paint Your Torch Song, will be hosted on from Jan 27 to Feb 28. Debbie Harry, Suggs, Vic Reeves, Micky Dolenz, Gary Newman, Boy George and more have also taken part. For more info visit: here
Below is Jerry's fact fact courtesy of Look-In magazine...
Visit the official Jerry Dammers site: here

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

John Lennon Is Not Dead exhibition

October 2020 will mark the 80th anniversary of John Lennon's birth.
80 artists are making an artwork which will be exhibited at The Stash Gallery at Voot-O-Reenee's Club, The Crypt, 30 Prescot Street E.1 8BB. Artists who've agreed to be involved so far include; Magda Archer, Eddie Argos, Gordon Beswick, Mel Brimfield, Kirsty Buchanan, Louise Camras, Bula Chakravarty Agbo, Billy Childish, Emma Coleman, Jerry Dammers, Chalkie Davies, Ben Dickson, Sarah Doyle, Tinsel Edwards, Kevin Eldon, Jono Ganz, Mikey Georgeson, Peter Harris, Kyle Hawkins, Georgia Hayes, Sadie Hennessey, Alice Herrick, Russell Herron, Nicola Hicks, Marguerite Horner, Tony Husband, Kim James-Willaims, Fabienne Jacquet, Chantal Joffe, Corin Johnson, James Johnston, Dominic Kennedy, Phil King, James Lawson, Charlotte Lee, David Lock, Peter Lloyd, Cathy Lomax, Lee Maelzer, Jo Mama, Jules Mann, Josie McCoy,
Hugh Mendes, (see above), Richard Arthur Mittens, John Moore, Kate Murdoch, Sophie Parkin, Joseph Paxton,
Harry Pye, (see above), Aidan O' Sullivan,
Max Reeves,(see above) Corey Samuel, Alli Sharma, Adrian R. Shaw, Bob & Roberta Smith,
Rowland Smith (see above). Duglas Stewart, Uzma Sultan, Liesel Thomas, Kath Thompson, Anna Titov, Chris Tosic, Sandra Turnbull, Twinkle Troughton,
Francis Upritchard, (see above) Natasha Vassiliou, Jessica Voorsanger, Julian Wakeling, Loretta Wall, Edward Ward, Willkay, Vanessa Winch, Bonnie Wong, Rose Wylie, Agnieszka Zapala.