Friday 19 July 2024

Two Reasons To Visit Planet Thanet

David Devant and his Spirit Wife are playing Ramsgate Music Hall, Ramsgate CT11 8NJ on Friday 26th July Doors Open: 7:30 PM Over the years they have released many a fantastic song. My top 3 are Pimlico, One Track Mind, and Putting My Demons To Bed. They are a fantastic live act and the Ramsgate Music Hall is a great venue so don't miss out. 

July is a great month to visit Ramsgate, Margate and Broadstairs (a.k.a. The Isle of Thanet). 

Southeastern operates a High Speed train service from London St Pancras International Station to Ramsgate, Broadstairs, and Margate that means travelling from the capital is quick and easy.

Journey times are approximately 75 minutes to Ramsgate, 85 minutes to Broadstairs and 90 minutes to Margate. 

There are frequent trains between Margate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate and London Victoria (approximately 1 hour 50 minutes), London Waterloo East and London Charing Cross (both approximately 2 hours).

Southeastern offer a variety of ticket options and fares

Southeastern Trains -

Meanwhile...Artist Gav Toye (who is a personal friend of David Devant's lead singer Mikey Georgeson), has a solo show ('High Adventure') on at Limbo in nearby Margate. 5 Minute's walk from Margate's famous Turner Contemporary Gallery The address is: Limbo, 2 Bilton Square. The painting above is called: 'I Gotta Try'
High Adventure runs until the 28th of July. You can make an appointment to see the show by contacting the artist:

Above: Shy Gav Toye holding a poster for Devant's show at Ramsgate Music Hall

Saturday 29 June 2024

Disney themed exhibition at Jealous curated by Magda Archer


#NOTQUITEDISNEY runs until the 13th of July. Jealous is open Monday to Saturday 10am till 6pm. The show features work selected by Magda Archer. Those featured include Rob Ryan, Bench Allen, Winnie Hall, Harry Hill, Shuby, Adam Dant, Humphrey Ocean, Peter Quinnell, Mark Pawson, Paul Slater, Modern Toss, Joe Webb, Louise Colbourne, Michelle Thompson, Joe Lycett, David Shrigley, Jake Tilson, Phill Jupitus, Harry Pye, Lucy Sparrow, Mark Denton, Heath Kane, Joss Fenn, Jake Royal, K Young, Charlotte Grocutt, Joe Webb, Colin Barnes, Ceal Warnants, Adam Bridgland, Jessie Cave, and William Kingett.

Curator Magda Archer says: "I was looking to produce a show with a funfair vibe…that is, something for everyone who visits. All of these Artists interest me, their ideas and interpretation of a subject or theme. I think it is a fascinating group of people and I’ve been really excited and encouraged to see the things they’re making for this show.The title #notquitedisney stems from a few ‘Disney' things I’ve collected over the years...things that are ‘a bit wrong’ interest me more than, say, a perfect replication of a Disney character…they seem to have more soul. People can still see ‘what it’s meant to be’ but there is more of a challenge to the eye and the mind."

Photo One: Jealous Gallery, 53 Curtain Road EC2A 3PT

Above: Let's Make It All Better by Paul Burgess
Photo Two: Top paintings: 'Really Sorry' by Winnie Hall,  'Body Goals' by Joe Lycett
Above: Thank You For Being A Friend by Harry Pye
Above: Photo Three

Above: Photo Four

Above Photo Five: Top: Phantasm by Louise Colbourne. Bottom: Toy Shop 2 by Michael Leigh

Above: "The Two Harrys" Pye and Hill photographed by Pete Tainsh
Above: Humphrey Ocean
Above: Happy people (drinks supplied by Two Tribes Beer and Whitebox cocktails.)
Above: Jemima by the wishing well.
Above: Adam Dant in front of his work Your Entertainments Have Been Analysed Beyond Your Comprehension.

(Photos 1,2,3,4 and 5 are from The Colbourne-Burgess Collection)
For more info on the show click: HERE

Wednesday 26 June 2024

Draw Graham Parker

  Parker Portraits

Above: Graham Parker by Harry Pye

Above: Graham Parker by Stuart Ridley 


Above: Graham Parker by Francis Macdonald
Above: Graham Parker by: Georgia Hayes
Above: Graham Parker by Ben Dickson

Above: Graham Parker by Rowland Smith

Above: Graham Parker by Suzanne Spiro


Above Graham Parker by: Marguerite Horner


Above: Graham Parker by Tinsel Edwards


Above: Graham Parker by Sandra Turnbull
Above: Graham Parker by Alberto Kunnapu

Above: Graham Parker by August Kunnapu

Above: Graham Parker by Charlotte Bracegirdle

Above: Graham Parker by Otiz Cannelloni

Above: Graham Parker by John Moseley

Above: Graham Parker by Pete Mountford

Above: Graham Parker by Bob London

Above: Graham Parker by Daisy de Villeneuve
Above: Graham Parker by Chris Webster

Above: Graham Parker by Louise Colbourne

Above: Graham Parker by Edward Ward

Above: Graham Parker by Tine Frellesen
Above: Graham Parker by Julian Wakeling

Above: Graham Parker by Micheal Hughes

Above: Graham Parker by Vanessa Winch

Above: Graham Parker by Reece Higham

Above: Graham Parker by John Haywood-Waddington
Above: Graham Parker by Rusell Herron

Above: Graham Parker by Paul Burgess


Above: Graham Parker by Sarah Doyle

Above: Graham Parker by Gordon Beswick


Above: Graham Parker by Martin Bramah


Above: Graham Parker by Lady Lucy


Above: Graham Parker by Tansy McNally

All of these Parker Portraits are featured in the video for I'm The Urban Spaceman which you can watch: here