Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Songwriting in Shepherd's Bush

I've had a couple of great days hanging out with producer David M Allen in his Shepherd's Bush studio. Mikey Georgeson and I have been trying to write a song or two and we've had great help from David and our friends Micko Westmoreland and Neil Innes. More news soon.
Above: Mikey re-writing lyrics
Above: David and Mikey
Above: Micko Westmoreland on guitar
Above:Micko and David
Above: Micko and David 2
Above: Mikey and Neil
David M Allen has engineered and produced all sorts of amazing records including all my favourite Cure albums. Other bands he's worked with in the past include The Human League, Depeche Mode, The Mission, Sisters of Mercy, Wire, The Associates.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Art Pop exhibition and album launch at A-Side B-Side Gallery this September

"London, New York, Paris, Munich: Everyone's Talking about Pop Music" is an exhibition curated by Harry Pye with Astrid Horkheimer taking place in Hackney Downs Studio this Summer which will co-incide with the album launch of Micko Westmoreland's "Your's ETC Abc" A galaxy of stars will be exhibiting ART connected to POP including...
Dominic from Luton (a.k.a Dominic Allan) has exhibited his work at Cardiff Contemporary, The Saatchi Gallery in London and The Phoenix Gallery in Exeter. The above image is "Paul Young from Luton" (2013 c-type print)
Julie Bennett creates distinctive gestural paintings to critically engage with the discourse surrounding the cult of celebrity in contemporary society. Bennett looks at the effect of fame, glamour and beauty through the re-appropriation of mass-mediated images of anonymous faces surrounding celebrities. She translates every day faces into bold, aspirational multi-layered works of art.Bennett has exhibited solo and in various group exhibitions. National exhibitions include those at Victoria and Albert Museum (2010), Sartorial Gallery (2009), Saatchi online (2008) and Transition Gallery (2008). Astrid Horkheimer is a writer and curator. She will be exhibiting Pop Art collages and her old secondary schoolbooks from 1987 like below:
Sarah Doyle has shown her art internationally in Japan, New York and Germany and has collaborated with Elle magazine, Transition Gallery, Tatty Devine, Surface 2 Air, Marmalade Magazine, Arty Magazine. Her animation work was shown at the Whitechapel Gallery as part of the Late Nights Programme and she was the winner of the New Artist Category at The Elle Style Awards. Sarah studied Art at Manchester Metropolitan University and Central Saint Martins College of Art London. She will be exhibiting Kate Bush inspired work like below...
Paul Hamilton wrote an award-winning book about Peter Cook, was the film critic for The Idler magazine for 10 years, and has made some albums with bands no-one has ever heard of (Yellowjack, anyone? Bisonics mean anything?).
Bob London is an artist and illustrator. He has exhibited worldwide, and drawn live at various events including 'Heavy Pencil' at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. He has previously been selected for the BP Portrait Awards exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.
Hugh Mendes has had solo shows of his obituary paintings in London, Frankfurt and California.His work can be found in the collections of Bill Wyman, Jerry Hall and Kenny Schachter, and Wooster projections in New York. (Above is Hugh's obituary painting of Captain Beefheart.)
Liam Scully is an artist and curator who has had solo shows at The Residence Gallery.
Geraldine Swayne is an artist and musician. She often works in miniature in enamel on metal.She's had recent shows at The Fine Art Society, The Jerwood Space, and The Lawrence Alkin Gallery.
Team Beswick & Pye is a duo which consists of Gordon Beswick and Harry Pye. Gordon Beswick was educated at Newcastle Under Lyme and Brighton College of Art. Gordon Beswick’s films have been shown at Tate Britain, The South London Gallery and The Institute of Contemporary Art. Harry Pye has curated many exhibitions including ‘100 Mothers’, ‘Viva Pablo’ and ‘For Peel’. Collaborative paintings by Gordon and Harry have appeared in celebrated shows at Sartorial Contemporary Art in King’s Cross and Galeria Thomas Cohn in Sao Paulo. In November 2012 Beswick & Pye were featured in The Discerning Eye exhibition at the Mall Gallery. Their painting of Brian Jones (see above) is featured on the gate fold sleeve of Micko Westmoreland's album.
Barry Thompson is an award winning artist who graduated from The Royal College in 2005.He will be exhibiting 3 works inspired by his love of Kurt Cobain. Sandra Turnbull is a painter whose works have been exhibited at Elefest, The Woburn Gallery, and Chester University. Before becoming a full time artist, Sandra worked in the music industry, managing talent including Eurythmics, Shakespeare's Sister and Londonbeat.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Private View for Horace Panter's Art of The Mixtape show

Last night I went to The Proud Archivist in Hertford Road N.1 to see some splendid new Panter paintings. Art of The Mixtape is a show well worth seeing. In the 1960s Andy Warhol painted the can of Campbell soup and bottle of Coca Cola he had for lunch each day, David Hockney painted a packet of "Ty-phoo Tea" and Peter Blake painted his fave Rock & Rollers and Movie Stars. Horace's work follows in the footsteps of these Godfather's of Pop Art. To Horace, his collection of demo-cassette/mixtapes are ‘repositories of memory’ because they evoke a specific period of music history between the reel-to-reel tape and the compact disc and because music itself, even just a song title, provokes a stirring of memory/nostalgia. Each painting has been researched to serve as an accurate reminder of a great period when bands would take these small pieces of plastic home and listen to what they had recorded that day in the recording studio. The show runs until the 30th of June and The Proud Archivist is open: Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr,Sa,Su 8:00 am-10:30 pm If you're a fan of The Specials you may be interested in buying a ticket for an event taking place at Proud on The 16th of June called "Classic Album Sunday" - The debut album by the 2-Tone legends will be played in full and then Horace will then be doing a Q&A
Above: Clare Panter and Horace Panter back to back
Above: Clare and Rhoda
Above: Proud Father and son
Above: Micko Spam and Horace Spam
Above: "Who Shall I Make It Out to?"
Above: "It's Kevin"
Above: "Nice"
Above: Westmoreland 'n' Panter
Above: Tape That and Party
Above: Slurp
Above: Strike a pose
Above: Rhoda and Micko

Friday, 29 May 2015

Logo for The Spammed

Keith Sargent is Creative Director at "building number one." (b#1) is a highly skilled full service design agency based in North London and Kent. (b#1) provides creative graphic design services to clients of many shapes and sizes located all over the world. Previously Keith was the owner of the graphic design company immprint. Keith may have done lots of things in the past and may even do lots of things in the future but ultimately he will be remembered for being the man who designed the logo for The Spammed.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Artwork for Micko Westmoreland's "Yours ETC Abc" album

A new album by Micko Westmoreland called "Yours Etc ABC" is being released on Landline Records this September. Ian McDonnell designed the album sleeve - I think he's done a great job. On the front there is a cropped version of a Harry Pye & Kes Richardson painting from 2009 called "Every Relationship Comes With a Clock Attached." The album has a gate fold sleeve - so when you open the album you see a brand new Team Beswick & Pye painting of Brian Jones in his swimming pool. And on the back cover there's a painting based on Robert De Niro (as Rupert Pupkin in The King of Comedy).
Micko Westmoreland is best known for his role as "Jack Fairy" in Todd Haynes' Bafta award winning film Velvet Goldmine. In 1998 he signed to Interscope Records under the moniker The Bowling Green. and released two albums of Drill'n'bass electronica: "One Pound Note" album (1998) and "Fabrication" (2003). Impressively NME magazine awarded Micko "Single of the Week" 3 times. Having decided to change direction completely by abandoning dance music and writing songs with lyrics instead he signed to Terry Edwards's Sartorial records and released "Wax & Wayne" under his own name in 2009. "Yours ETC Abc" has been a long time coming. I'm looking forward to the launch party at The A-Side B-Side Gallery in Hackney. The album features guest musicians including Mark Bedford (of Madness)and Mickey Gallagher (of The Blockheads). Style wise the music is 1966 meets 1980. Micko writes very well constructed songs. His album deserves to do very well indeed.
Image Above: Micko with Ian McDonnell
Image Above: Micko with Team Beswick & Pye

In The Studio with Howard Dyke

I first got to know Howard Dyke in 2008 when he, Geraldine Swayne and Iavor Lubomirov invited me to be in a big group show they were curating called "Fresh Air Machine" that took place at Calvert 22. I've always enjoyed his company and his paintings so I was pleased he was up for making some work for me. Our collaboration will appear in my "Life of Pye" event that will take place at The Angus Hughes gallery in mid August.
Above: Howard Dyke 1
Above: Me making a start before Howard turns up
Above: Howard making a mess
Above: Harry holds up half of the Dyke/Pye masterpiece
Above: Early Days
Above: Detail 1
Above: Detail 2
Above: Detail 3
Above: Detail 4

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Great times at Brattwell Recordings/Lightship95 Studio

Yesterday Team Beswick & Pye climbed aboard Lightship95, a recording studio on a ship, permanently moored at Trinity Buoy Wharf, East London. They were there to drink tea and document the recording of "Revolution" by The Spamned and extra special guest Neil Innes. The footage will be screened at a Beatles themed charity event in aid of House of Fairy Tales.
One: Scabies at The 02
Two: The cat in the hat
Three: Micko in the studio
Four: The Spamned
Five: Ship Ahoy
Six: Rat and Rory at the controls
Seven: Praying "It's Gonna Be All - Right"
Eight: Rat Reading
Nine: "If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao"
Ten: Gordon "Cameraman" Beswick
Eleven: "The Pye's The Limit"
Twelve: "All - Right"
Thirteen: Bit of a Blur
Fourteen: The Inspirational Mr Innes
Fifteen: "Nothing like a nice cup of tea"
Sixteen: Neil and Kevin. ------------------- The Spammed (A.K.A. Scabies, Eldon, Westmoreland, Panter) have also recorded a cover of The Clash classic "Tommy Gun." The track will appear on a compilation CD called "Specialized 4: Combat Cancer" which is sold in aid of The Teenage Cancer Trust. More news soon.