Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Q & A with Spectrals

“One of the most exciting new UK bands around” Vice
 “Mysteriously enigmatic” Drowned In Sound
“Dreamy” Pitchfork
“Immense” Rough Trade
 “Heavy-hearted British gloom and infectious sun kissed, breezy melodies” Transparent
For more info: http://www.myspace.com/spectralspectral
(Above Louis Jones a.k.a Spectrals photographed by Liam Henry)

The Rebel: What are your plans for today?

Spectrals: "I've already wasted today".

When you write a song is it always: music first, lyrics later?

"I do both simultaneously and then put the bits together."

Who has given you more pleasure with their music - The Gallagher Brothers or The Everly Brothers

"The Everly Brothers are one of my favourite bands and Oasis are chill too."

Were you popular at school and are you in touch with many people from your school days?

"I still see my mates from school."

You did a cover of my friend Billy Childish's song Little Bettina. Which of your songs would you like to hear him sing?


Are you an ambitious man?


What can you tell me about your song "7th Date"?

"If you play it backwards it sounds like "First Date' by Blink-182."

What's the best venue you've played so far - where would you like to perform?

"I like the Deaf Institute in Manchester quite a bit. I want to do  Royal Albert Hall."

Paul Young once had a hit with a song called "I know what made Otis blue". Do you know that feeling and have you ever felt as though you were "All cried out" or that it "was raining in your heart"?

"All the time."

Did you follow Phil Spector's court case? Did you feel sad when you saw the photo of him in prison without his wig?

"It was sad. I think they should let him out."

What's the best thing about Yorkshire?


Did you design the sleeve of your debut ep on Moshi Moshi? Where is the photo from?  

"My buddy Stephen did it - http://www.stephenduffy.co.uk

The photo is  from outside my house."

Who would you rather get stuck in a lift with out of Elvis Costello or Tom Waits?

"Elvis Costello."

What advice would you give to the 14 year old Louis?

"Pretend not to like girls."

Link to purchase EP:

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