Monday, 8 November 2010

Q & A with Terry Edwards

The Rebel: Which of your friends do you tend to drink with most often?
Terry Edwards: “The thirstiest ones.”

Who are your favourite saxophone players?
“Earl Bostic,  Davey Payne,  John Zorn, Ornette Coleman.”

Who is the nicest Blockhead (in their current line-up)
“Do you really expect me to reply anything other than "me, of course!"?”

What are your favourite things / reasons to be cheerful?
“The Very Things. My cats cheer me up hugely.”

Do you prefer dogs to cats?
“Of course not. Cats rule. No contest.”

Who was your favourite Beatle?
I've always been a George fan - his love songs are a delight, the mega two-drummer sounds on All Things Must Pass is magnificent and he had so much humanity (probably got John & Paul's share when it was dished out...) And he was into Formula One.

I’ve heard it said that “Women go crazy for a sharp dressed man” What help or advice can you offer me?
“Check the charity shops for vintage suits by Burton, Dunn & John Collier. I buy new from Reiss.”

You've worked with quite a few big names in the music world. Is there anyone that you are still slightly freaked out by the fact they know you?
“Any of them really! I got taken aback when I went to shake Nick Cave's hand after playing with Spiritualized & he ignored it to give me a big hug instead!”

You’ve written a book about Madness called One Step Beyond. Have you ever hated Madness? Has a song like Baggy Trousers or House of Fun came on the radio and made you cross?
“Some songs are better than others. I've never 'got' Driving In My Car particularly. Having said that - duff songs aren't really their forte, are they?”

As well as being in Gallon Drunk and The Blockheads you also take part in The Spatial AKA Orchestra led by Jerry Dammers. Will the orchestra ever release a DVD or CD? And what's it like working with those people?
“Jerry favours a DVD. I'm trying to get him to do a vinyl-only picture disc in the meantime.
It's a fantastic band to play in - loads of great players & very little in the way of ego. Me aside, that is.”

What were the best things about being in The Higsons?
 “Releasing my first records, befriending John Peel who was such an important part of my life, having a song written about you (Listening To The Higsons by Robyn Hitchcock), visiting America for the first time.”

(No one reads the NME anymore, there's no John Peel or Top of the Pops. How do young bands and musicians get themselves heard?) What is your top tip for young bands?“Play good music and surround yourselves with people you trust.”

What project are you currently working on?
I've just finished an album in homage to the late, great Alex Chilton. It's called Clichés, based on his covers album of the same name which, in turn, was an homage to Chet Baker. It's out on Dec 6th, the download sing "I'll Go Crazy" (the James Brown tune) is out a week later. Here's a video of another tune from the album, "Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner" <> Plug plug plug !!

Which are you best at playing - Scrabble or Chess?
“Scrabble, but I'm no great shakes at either.”

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