Friday, 20 June 2014

Jolie Laide

The P.V. for "Jolie Laide" is on from 6pm till 9pm on Friday 3rd of October. The show will also be open on Sat the 4th and Sunday the 5th of Oct from 1 o'clock till 4pm. The venue is called "Hotel Elephant" which is (opposite the Law Courts), 40 Newington Causeway SE1 6DR. The title of the show "Jolie Laide" is a compliment of sorts. It roughly translates as "Ugly Beautiful". The idea is to exhibit works that are unconventionally appealing or, work that walks that thin line between beautiful and ugly. The image above is a sculpture called La Grosse made by Craig Crosbie. Other artists featured in for this show are Mac Honeyman, Kyle Hawkins Gordon Beswick, Sir Peter Blake, Mel Cole, Marcus Cope with Ross Walker, Rose Gibbs, Gavin Nolan, Peter Harris & Ray Davies, Edward Todd, Sandra Turnbull, Zac T Lee, Caroline Gervay, and Julian Wakeling. The Jolie Laide exhibition will be part of Elefest. Rob Wray, the founder and director of Elefest, says: "the festival celebrates one of the most maligned and misunderstood areas of London". More news soon...
(Above: "Homer" by Marcus Cope & Ross Walker)
(Above: "Beauty in Nature is the sound of one hand clapping. Sublime Blue silence ." by Sandra Turnbull)
(Above: 'Belle Biche' painted by Kyle Hawkins)
(Above: Photo by Jeremy Akerman)
(Above "Kate" sculpture by Rose Gibbs)
9Above: "Kintsugi Plates" by Mac Honeyman)
(Above:"Tundra" painting by Gavin Nolan, 2013 oil on board)
(Above: "Girl V1" from the series "Little Trouble Girls" C-Type Print by Zac T Lee)
(Above: E&C Screen print by Team Beswick & Pye 2014) This print, made by Black listed editions, will be available at a special low price for the duration of Elefest)

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