Monday, 23 June 2014

Ritchie Lamy Live at Tate Britain

Kind hearted Richard Lamy treated staff at Tate Britain to a free concert last week.
Highlights of his set included a fantastic cover version of "Take Another Little Piece of My Heart". Lamby was joined on stage by several guests including the lovely Adrian R. Shaw (who sang a very sweet and tender "Leaving On A Jet Plane")
Other numbers in the set included a frantic version of "Big Mouth Strikes Again", "Lola", and "Tequila". I had a great time.
Gary the warm up man deserves a special mention for his highly entertaining Tommy Cooper tribute.
And Important Tate Person Piers Warner gave a nice speech thanking Ritchie for being a splendid chap.
Hooray for Ritchie Lamy A man you don't meet everyday !

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