Friday, 1 April 2016

Piper's Son Live in Dalston

The second LP by Piper's Son, 'Who Started This?', will be released 8th April by Vacilando '68 Recordings, on gatefold vinyl LP and download. To celebrate, last night the band and friends played a special gig at Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston. I love Piper's Son. Their engaging and exciting songs are full of wit, charm and invention. They sound fresh. They sparkle. The title track of the new album sounds like Captain Beefheart jamming with The Fun Boy 3. What's not to like?
Above: Thom Driver and his Piper's Son chums
Above: Mr Peter Harris and Mr Victor Bock.
Above: Matt Calderwood
Above: Mysterious London-based outfit Clothes Horse were a brilliant support act and went down very well with the crowd.
Above: "Cheers"
Above: Piper's Son in fine form
Above: Mesut and Roger
In advance of its physical release, 'Who Started This?' is downloadable now at:

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