Sunday, 3 April 2016

Q & A with Franko B

"Franko B poses questions, challenges the liberty and judgement of everyone and interrogates the observer on the sense and value of the human body" Letizia Moritti, (Mayor of Milan)
The Rebel Magazine: Are you happy and healthy at the moment? Frank B: "I think so. As much as I'm aware yes .."
What is your current project? "I'm working on a theme of death and romance in the 21 first century, especially on childhood in distress. [ conflicts / lack of care and love and rights etc etc .]"
I was interested by Thinking of You - did being naked in front of people on a swing make you feel liberated? "Yes. Thinking of You come about because I really wanted to work with the British contemporary composer Helen Ottaway. She originally allowed me to use one of her compositions for a video of my performance at London's Beaconsfield Gallery. I became more aware of Helen Ottaway's music and loved it because it was romantic but in a British cool way - emotional but not hysterical. Years later I contacted her and told her that I would like her to write a piece for Thinking Of You but that I wanted it for electric pianola. This came about because I went to a wedding by two good friends of mine in a a pub and I heard this piano playing in the room where we all were sitting but I could not see the pianist so I got up and, as if by magic, I saw this pianist playing some old Beethoven by itself .. And this gave me the idea to be on a swing naked with a pianola playing. So we did this eventually and I bought a pianola for a bit of money and did the premier in Glasgow at Nikki Milican live art event. I loved it and people loved it but I felt that without the pianist playing it diverged the attention of the piece and changed it. Thinking of You was about the missing player. Then we altered the piece so Helen Ottaway could play it herself. I'm Thinking of You was about the moment I encounter the eyes of a person gazing into my eyes and vice versa."
Are you concerned with abuses of human rights going in Saudi Arabia? "I'm concerned with all humans right abuse here in the so called democratic first world west also ..." Who is your favourite Italian from all of history? "Primo Levi"
Do you worry about money/pensions/tax bills? "I don't worry about pensions no. What is the point .. life is short - but I can get stressed about not having enough to take care bills like rents and other necessary utilities." Would you like to be represented by any of the big galleries like Victoria Miro or Larry Gagosian - or are you happy as you are? "I'm striving to be free and independent and be able to make the work I believe in. this is my strategies , as long I can do this in a dignified way this is what I wish."
Do you enjoy teaching and being a guest lecturer -is it rewarding? "Yes. it is rewarding in a way that is helping me in develop as a human being." What do you think of the current art scene in London - what was the last good show you saw? "I don't really care for this.."
What kind of music do you listen to most? "Steve Reich, Patti Smith and Satie"
What animals do you most relate to? "Dogs."

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