Saturday 28 September 2013

Harry Pye's South London Salon at Deptford X

Harry Pye's South London Salon is open from 12 noon until 6pm on Thursday the 3rd, Friday the 4th, Saturday the 5th and Sunday the 6th of October. The venue is a large blue building called Norfolk House on Brook Mill Road. It's a one minute walk from Deptford Bridge D.L.R Station (which links to Bank tube)On Thursday the 3rd there is a special party from 6pm till 9pm. Please drop by and see work by amazing artists such as Sinead Wheeler, Marie Smith, Cedar Lewisohn, Christopher Owen, Sarah Doyle, Peter Lamb, Howard Dyke, Rowland Smith, Julia Bedford, David Dipré, Liam Newnham, Patrick Morrissey & Hanz Hancock, Edward Ward, Rosalind Davis, Bob London, Klarita Pandolfi-Carr, Sarah Sparkes, Clare Price, Paul Hamilton, Jackie Clark, Giles Kent, Julie Bennett, Paul Wye, Tracey Williams, Zac T Lee, Mikey Georgeson, Mel Cole, Julian Wakeling, and Aleksandra Wojcik.
Image Below: Rye Hill by Klarita Pandolfi
Image Below: A Dead Man in Deptford by Bob London Giclee print on somerset velvet paper 59.4 x 84.1 cm Edition of 30
Image Below: Mystagogue by Paul Wye
Image Below: by Howard Dyke
Image Below: There It Is by David Dipre Oil on canvas. 2013. 303 x 257 mm.
Image Below: Ruskin Park's Finest Paddling Pool by Tracey Williams
Image Below: by Mel Cole
Image Below: early work in progress version of Harper Road Woman, (After El Greco) by Julia Bedford
Image Below: work by Sinead Wheeler
Image Below: Photographs by Julian Wakeling
Image Below: Works on wall by Sarah Sparkes, sculpture by Giles Kent.
Image Below: Florence by Julie Bennett
Image Below: Cedar Lewisohn with his book of drawings.
Image Below: The Deptford X team in front of a new work by Bob & Roberta Smith
Image Below: Harry Pye meets the Mayor of Lewisham
Image Below: Rosalind Davies
Image Below: Mikey Georgeson
Image Below: Paintings by Peter Lamb
Image Below: Sarah Doyle
Image Below: Chris Owen
Image Below: Alexandra Wojcik

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