Friday, 18 September 2015

New E.P. by Imani Hekima

Imani Hekima releases his first recordings since his 2012 debut album, Imanifesto. The Keep It Simple EP features four newly penned songs from the Yorkshire-based solo artist, the lead track ‘Keep It Simple’, ‘Stepping to The Light’, ‘Rose-Tainted Glasses’ and ‘Feet Of Clay’. The set was recorded in Sheffield at the PianoRecording studio, with production duties handled by James Bacon, an excellent composer/pianist in his own right.
Mr Hekima says: “The songs I’ve released before have a strong political slant, often covering controversial topics, and are fairly outspoken. This time I wanted to develop my writing, keeping it thoughtful and socially relevant, yet with more of a feelgood factor musically and lyrically.” The Rebel Magazine says: "Listening to Imani Hekima sing and play is a treat because the man has talent. These days many people in the Pop music world can talk, rap a rhyme or carry a tune but not many people can really sing in a way that draws you in and moves you. On the first track of this e.p. I found myself being charmed by Imani's voice and beautiful piano playing. I would guess Hekima has a few records by Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers and Micheal Jackson in his collection. Like them, when he sings he sounds sincere and genuine. It's nice to hear some new songs that are irony free and from the heart unlike most stuff in the charts at the moment. There's no cynicism on this e.p. The track Feet of Clay has a slight 80s McCartney feel about it. The song builds nicely and has a good bridge. This E.P. is great but if I heard a whole album of songs like these I recon Hekima is like McCartney in that he could do with a Lennon to add some edge and insist on a few lyric changes here, there and everywhere. But there can be no denying there is some magic in these tracks. I hope someone on the radio gives him some airplay. Hekima needs to keep keeping it simple and he needs to keep going - the man and his music both deserve to do well." The Keep It Simple EP shall be available as a download on 18th September 2015 from iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.
More info on Imani: Singer-songwriter & pianist Imani Hekima draws from a wealth of musical experience, often blending an eclectic, soulful sound with sharp social commentary. Based in his hometown of Bradford , his musical journey goes back to the 1980s, when, as a member of 2 tone styled band Spectre, he played support slots to Aswad, Lee Scratch Perry, Augustus Pablo, Junior Delgado and The Redskins. When Spectre split in the early 90s, he took the opportunity to further his musical knowledge, developing an interest in jazz, studying classical piano and achieving a BA honours degree in music. Since then he has taught music privately, and gigged as a session player & solo pianist covering a gamut of styles from jazz to Bollywood. Imani’s first solo recording was released in 2010, the single 'Shame', followed by other single releases 'The Robots’ Rebellion' & 'Just Beneath The Skin'. His debut album Imanifesto was released in 2012. Much of Imani’s lyrical approach is marked by socially conscious messages, while musically he mixes soul, pop, dub and jazz-flavoured elements to create his own eclectic sound. (Photo by Riaz Ahmed of Studio68 Photography).

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