Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Summer Special edition of The Rebel sells out

On Thursday 28th of July a splendid time was had by everyone who went to the L-13 gallery for the private view of The Four By Four exhibition and The Rebel magazine launch party.
The photo above shows artists Emma Coleman, Tom Pounder, Aleksandra Wojcik, Edward Todd and curator Harry Pye. The show has had very positive mentions in The Guardian Guide and the Pop magazine blogspot. The Rebel launch was a complete success - there are only 4 copies of the current issue left, these four copies have all been signed by the 4 artists and will soon be on sale as collectors items worth £44 and 44p
(Above: Billy Childish)
(Above: Vanessa and Liz)
(Above: an understandibly excited Helen James)
(Above: Del)
(Below: Elsa)
(Above: Josiah Steadman)
(Below: Ania with Harry)
(Below: Mikey Georgeson)
(Above: David C. West)
(Above: Artists Emma and Alex)
(Above: Twinkle and Tinsel)
(Above: Kate Janes)
(Above: Richie Lamby)
(Above: Rebel writer Sarah Thacker)
(Above: Liam Scully)

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