Friday, 5 October 2018

Funny Business in Whitstable

Visit Gallery 64a in Whitstable this month and you'll experience some serious Funny Business...
ABOVE: Twinkle Troughton is left shocked and stunned by a painting by Kate Lyddon.
ABOVE: "How much is that painting in the window?"
ABOVE: "Oh, stop mucking about"
ABOVE: Maria encounters "Clease Encounters" painted by Harry Pye and Rowland Smith
ABOVE: "Mature Lady Artist: Sadie Hennessy" strikes again
ABOVE: "The Bearded Liza"
ABOVE: Harry Pye in front of 'Breakfast in Bed' painted by Pye & Smith.
ABOVE: Miss Poppinjay
ABOVE: Geraldine Swayne, paintings by Jasper Joffe
ABOVE: Rob Mumby keeps abreast of what's a foot (painted by Kate Lyddon)
ABOVE: A Freudian Slip
ABOVE: A close up of Sadie's balls
ABOVE: Geraldine's Thai Brides
ABOVE: 4 x Joffe paintings
The show is open Wednesday to Sunday, 1pm until 5.30pm until the 29th of October

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