Thursday, 25 October 2018

Jo Mama

"I’m not the first artist to do a show based around the alphabet and I wont be the last." (quote taken from Jo Mama's press release for her show at the Studio One Gallery in Wandsworth in October of this year). Part Two of Alphabet show opens on Thursday 1st November at The A Side B Side Gallery in Mare Street, Hackney at 6.30pm. There are 26 different artists who have contributed to the show including; painters such as Jasper Joffe, Martin Sexton, Peter Lamb, Neal Brown, Mimei Thompson, Jackie Clark, James Johnston, Chris Tosic, Jock McFadyen, Adrian R. Shaw, Lady Lucy, James Lawson, Sandra Turnbull, Jono Ganz, Kate Murdoch, Loretta Wall, Sarah Sparkes, Harry Pye and Kes Richardson. photographers; Richard Barr, and Andrew Petrie, and sculptors; Joseph Paxton, and Paul Wye. Jo Mama is an artist and curator currently based in Whitstable in Kent. The show features some of her personal possessions as well as artwork made by people she admires. Generously Jo is giving away 26 of artworks she made free of charge.
The first 26 people to visit Jo Mama's Second Alphabet Show will receive a free A5 sized artwork by Jo Mama worth £30
Above: Artwork 8
Above: Artwork 10
Above: artwork 11
Above: Artwork 12
Above: Artwork 13
Above: Artwork 20
Above: Artwork 22
Address of A Side B Side Gallery is: 352 Mare Street, London E8 1HR. The opening party for the show is Thursday the first of November: 6.30pm till 10pm

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