Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Jo Mama's Second Alphabet Show 1/11/18

East London's A Side B Side Gallery in Mare Street has just announced it will be the host of Jo Mama's Second Alphabet Show. As with her previous exhibition (which took place at Studio One Gallery), this show will be sprinkled with some of her precious possessions and miscellaneous memorabilia that she's acquired over the years. Artists whose work feature in Jo Mama's Second Alphabet Show include: Kate Murdoch, Richard Barr, Neal Brown, Jono Ganz, Jasper Joffe, Lady Lucy, Andrew Petrie, Kirsty Buchanan, Adrian R. Shaw, James Johnston, Brontë Jones, Martin Sexton,James Lawson, Sandra Turnbull, and Loretta Wall The opening party for the show is on Thursday 1st of November 6.30pm until 10pm.
Above: Malcolm X by Jasper Joffe
Above: Snails by Mimei Thompson
Above: Julian Cope by Sarah Sparkes and Harry Pye
Above: 'Mask' by Paul Wye
Above: 'Uist Road' by Jock McFadyen
Above: Hang Dog by Joseph Paxton
Above: Good Times by Adrian R. shaw
Above: 'Centre' by Chris Tosic
Above: Thames Mudlark by Jackie Clark
Above: Isabella by Harry Pye and Kes Richardson
Above: 'Olympian' by Peter Lamb
Above: Portrait by James Johnston
A-side B-side Gallery was founded in late 2011 by artists Tinsel Edwards and Catherine Magnani. They are a not for profit company, supported in kind by friends of the gallery, grants and donations. A-side B-side Gallery is located in Hackney central opposite Marks & Spencer. For public transport the closest station is: Hackney central station. Parking in the road near the gallery is restricted to dropping off & loading only. Or there is a Tesco car park nearby where you can park up to 1hr 30mins News Just In: The first 26 people who attend Jo Mama's Second Alphabet Show will receive a priceless limited edition Jo Mama signed print absolutely free of charge!

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