Sunday, 26 December 2010

Rebel Styling 1986

A batch of photos by Matty Pye have come to the surface after many years. In May 1986 Matty took these photos of me in our garden. I think the inspiration for her styling partly came from seeing Felix Howard on the cover of The Face. Felix appeared in a video with Madonna and interviewed Paul McCartney for The Tube on Channel Four.
Here is Felix:
The photos of me were taken in my Dad's garden shed. I'm wearing a 2000ad badge. The jacket I have on is the suit jacket that my Dad got married in. It was very much my sister's idea for me to pose with a C3PO Star Wars figure sticking out my pocket and a Marlborough cigarette sticking out my pocket. Somewhere there are photos of me mocking the 501 Jeans model Nick Kamen. I hope these turn up one day.


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