Saturday, 1 August 2015

Launch Party for "Life of Pye" is happening on Wednesday the 5th of August (6pm-9pm)

"Life Of Pye: Harry's 42 Collaborations" is going to be a year long project! If you're free on the evening of Wed the 5th of Aug come to The Angus Hughes Gallery, 26 Lower Clapton Road (at the unction of Urswick Road) E5 0PD. The gallery is near to Hackney Downs and Hackney Central overground. Useful buses include: 38, 48, 55, 106, 242, 253, 254, 394. We will be unveiling many brand new artworks including collaborations with Christopher Owen
Tracey Williams
and Ruth Binfor.
Plus: Howard Dyke, Marcus Cope, Julian Wakeling, Francis Macdonald, Rowland Smith, Billy Childish & Geraldine Swayne, Hugh Mendes, Astrid Horkheimer, Chris Coombes,
Luke Gottelier, Tinsel Edwards, Barry Thompson, David Dipre, Kate Murdoch
Mel Cole, Kes Richardson, Nataha X, Gordon Beswick, Mikey Georgeson, Caroline Gervay, Emma Coleman,
and Sarah Sparkes.
Harry Pye: "On August the 31st 2015 I will become 42 years young. I intend to celebrate by spending 365 days making collaborations with artistic friends that have a place in my heart. When I stop being 42 (on August 31st 2016) I intend to bring out a little book about the adventures I've had.
I've asked 42 different people to write a 42 word quote about what the number 42 means to them. Artist Jackie Clark wrote: “A rainbow is formed by sunlight refracted and internally reflected by raindrops. The light in the bow corresponding to the minimum deviation of light. The radius is 42, being equal to 360 minus the angle of minimum deviation for a spherical drop.” Urban Spaceman: Neil Innes meanwhile has written a 42 word poem for me... "Life Begins At Sixes And Sevens A Primary colour is Red A Primary colour is Yellow Seven sixes make Forty-Two (Nothing rhymes with Orange So think nothing of it) Another Primary Colour is Blue That is why five eights Make Forty too"
If you're up for writing a 42 word poem or quote please bring it along on Wednesday and add it to our wall of quotes!

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