Thursday, 6 August 2015

42 Photos from The Life of Pye launch party at Angus Hughes Gallery

“There once was a number - That tore this Universe asunder - It held the key - To all that we are - All that we will be - Released our base desires - Set our minds free - For it was more than Forty-One But less than Forty-Three”
Above: A 42 word poem about the number 42 by Mr Calum F. Kerr
"Life of Pye" is a 12 month project which involves the artist Harry Pye collaborating with 42 of his most talented friends. In 2016 there will be a book, designed by Keith Sargent, that features images and info about each collaboration and, 42 quotes from 42 people about the number 42. Last night there was a party to launch the project at The Angus Hughes Gallery.
Above: H.P. with Micko Westmoreland and Kes Richardson. ("Every Relationship Has a Clock Attached" Acrylic on canvas by Richardson/Pye)
Above:Jasper Joffe in front of On The Road Again by Dyke/Pye
Above:Kes and Richard Cook in front of Absent Friends work by Williams/Pye
Above: H.P. with Geraldine Ryan (in front of Julian Cope painting by Sparkes & Pye)
Above: Toast of London's Mat Berry in front of 42 x Elvis by Horkheimer/Pye.
Above: Nicolas Ruston with Mikey Georgeson in front of "I Think About You"
Above: H.P. with Rachael Robb in front of "In My Room" by Wakeling/Pye
Above painting: Breakfast in Bed by Smith/Pye
Above painting: The 4 Tates by Cope/Pye
Above: Elvi with Harry Mermaid by Edwards/Pye
Erica Macarthur and Mat Berry in front of The Life Drawing Class by Beswick/Pye
Above: Fanny J in front of Portrait with Badges by Dipre/Pye
Above: Murdoch and Pye's 42 Objects of Affection
Above: Barry Thompson in front of Childish/Swayne/Pye painting
Above: Derek Jordan in front of In My Room by Wakeling/Pye
Above: Ruth Binfor
Above: Tricky Dicky painted by Coleman/Pye
Above: My Mum
Above: Mikey Georgeson
Above: G&A infront of Ruth Binfor's work.
Above: The Lovely Sandra Turnbull
Above: Merv in front of Harpo painted by Geraldine Swayne
Above: Gabriella and chum
Above: Decima Gallery reunion
Above: Breakfast in Bed
Above: Lovely Tinsel Edwards
Above: Tim in front of "Catisfaction" by Owen/Pye
Above: Frost & Nixon by Coleman/Pye
Above: Nicolas
Above: a fantastic fellow
Above: A lovely lady with 42 flowers in her hair
Above: the work in the background is a Gervay/Pye collaboration
Above: Kiss Kiss
Above: Deb n Rach n Uliana
Above: the lovely Tracey Williams
Above: Close-up from 42 Objects of Affection
Above:Hanging out with the amazing Liam Scully
Above: Mikey Sparkes. ********** HOT NEWS JUST IN ******* There will be a closing party at Angus-Hughes gallery on Saturday 8th of Auguest (6pm till 9pm)and the first 42 people to arrive will receive a free greetings card designed by Erica Macarthur & Harry Pye

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