Monday, 10 August 2015

Yet More Photos from Angus Hughes Gallery

Above: Some of the 42 free cards deigned by Macarthur and Pye
Above: Baby Love
Above: In the background is work by Kes Richardson & Harry Pye
Above: Mr Christopher Owen
Above: A happy Julian Wakeling
Above: Tim and Chris
Above:"No, thank You"
Above: Becky Hornblower
Above:Side view
Above: Mr Raul Pina Perez
Above: Mikey G runs through a few numbers
Above: Mr Ould
Above: Crowd watching Mikey G
Above: Mr Paul Sakoilsky
Above: Mr Macdonald from Glasgow
Above: Mr Jones
Above: Pretzel Eyes Macarthur
Above: "Hold On, everything is Cool"
Above: Fintan celebrates
Above: Gabriella
Above: Francis with Godard photos
Above: 2 Ladies giving Sarah's Cope painting some love
Above: Nathan P and friend
Above: Kate Lydon
Above: Mikey fans
Above: Kirsty B and Harry P
Above: A work in Progress. Tracey Williams and I are working on a tribute to our friend Chiara Giacomini

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