Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Q & A with Peter Lamb

"Peter Lamb looks like a nice guy, painting's Jamie Oliver perhaps. In his paintings, collages, and photos, he unleashes mighty visual forces of weirdness, chaos, and desire." - Jasper Joffe.

The Rebel: Do you know much about the Lamb family tree or where your family come from?
Peter Lamb: “I know my great grandfather on my father’s side was from Sweden and my great grandparents on my mother’s side were from Germany. The Johannssens and the Hermans. The Hermans became the Harmans to sound more British when they arrived shortly after WW1.”
The Rebel: Can you sing / are you musical at all? What kind of music on what kind of instrument would you like to be able to play?
“I sing in the shower. I’m listening to Take That and Justin Bieber at the moment. Have no choice, my kids love it. I’d like to play the piano. But its my daughter whose musical. I’m taking her piano classes this evening in fact. I can live vicariously through her musical success!”
The Rebel: Can you cook? Are there any meals that are your speciality?
“Yep. I’m the chief chef in my house. I can cook most things ‘ok’ but I’m darn good at the simple ones like shepherds pie and spag bol. Simple tastes.”
The Rebel: What do you think of this quote "Painting is the only thing that still matters once it has stopped hurting". Do you agree with that?
“I think there is a place for painting in art, but as part of a wider outlook. I just think all art, including painting, needs to find a way to ‘transcend’ itself . So, although I lean towards being a painter, its not that important that that’s all I am. It’s a big world out there. I don’t really care if painting ‘hurts’.”
The Rebel: If you could curate a group show at the R.A which contemporary artists would you be likely to include?
“Oo. Well, I have my favourites at the moment. Artists like Thomas Kratz, Alistair Mackinven, Steve Claydon. Artists who seem to understand the the fact that art matters but equally doesn’t matter and how it appears to operate on those set of rules. I’m putting together a show with my friend Shane Bradford all about this. How we process work. And again how we try to transcend all the little squabbles surrounding painting and art to try to find something new and worthwhile.”

The Rebel: What's the best gallery or most fun venue you've exhibited in?

“I remember a show curated by Neal Rock called 'Grotto' at Transition gallery. The artists Hew Locke, Dave Burrows and Danny Rolph covered the walls with cardboard cut outs and I got to wedge some work in between. Not easy to get in as I remember. Most of the door was covered with card art.”

The Rebel: Did your work change when you became a Dad? -

“I nearly stopped when my second was born, Joseph. Not his fault! I just worried about the practicalities of being an artist then. All better now thanks.”

The Rebel: Does making art make you happy?
“Yes. I still go to bed at night dreaming of the next work.”

The Rebel: What was the highlight of your art education?

For more info on Peter: http://www.peterlamb.org/works.php

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