Saturday, 9 October 2010


Rudi Fuchs claims that fear of death is a more powerful emotion than love or lust and that to some extent fear of death is what keeps us alive. Do you think a fear of death is what drives all artists to make their work in some way?
Jeremy Deller: “That is quite a full on first question , can I skip it?”

Is it important for artists to go to Venice?
Peter Jones: “I think only artists should go to Venice.”

Is your work important?
Chloe Mortimer: “It means a lot to me. As an artist, I believe that I’m as good and important as anyone else and I’m just as bad and unimportant as anyone else. There’s no one I’m afriad of. I think it’s important to listen to what your heart tells you and follow your dream. In the over all scheme of things I guess all art is unimportant but it’s important we carry on doing what feels right. Never give up.”

Did your parents and teachers give you lots of encouragement when you first started making art?
Charlotte Bracegirdle: “Oh, just the usual support that a child would get for creating an odd picture. My mum did encourage me though, she is a little arty so I think she did like the idea of me being creative. I had an amazing teacher at one lower school, he was superb, just the smallest painting and he would go wild, and always insisted I use my imagination as much as possible. He was quite a rare man, to talk to an 8 year old so passionately about art.”

(Above: Raul Pina performing at Calvert 22)

What has been the highlight of the last 3 days?
Raul Pina: “Having a row with my wife.”

What is your idea of beauty in nature?
Olivia Plender: “I had a dream whilst I was asleep on the aeroplane going to Argentina where the plane was driving down a road through the middle of a green landscape, full of out sized meadows, huge mountains, giant waterfalls and lakes. All the colours were like Technicolor”.

Are their any decent art critics around at the moment and who would you most like to write about your work?
Stuart Cumberland: “I would like the child of Ben Lewis and Yves Alain Bois to write about me under Darian Leader's supervision.”

What is the best painting or room or thing about Tate Britain? 
Anka Dabrowska: “I don't have favourite painting or room, much more prefer corridors...”

Are there any non figurative paintings that you love?
Dan Coombs: “Mondrian’s "Broadway Boogie Woogie"
and Pollock’s "Number 31".

(Above Martin Sexton standing in front of a painting by Chris Tosic)
What is your favourite art book?
Martin Sexton: “For words: 'My Last Sigh (Mon Dernier soupir).' - Luis Bunuel. For images: Tin Tin in Tibet.”  

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