Thursday, 14 October 2010

Pete & The Pirates

Pete & The Pirates answer 12 questions for The Rebel Magazine:

1) Are there any current bands that you consider better than Pete & The Pirates?
Thomas Sanders: “I'm so out of touch, I have no idea. I haven't heard any though.”
David Thorpe: “Yes, I think it would be very strange if you actually thought you were the best band around.”
Jonny Sanders: “Yes probably, but I have yet to meet one.”
Pete Hefferan: “Uh, yeah obviously!”
Peter Cattermoul: “I can't think of one”.

2) Which of your features do you tend to get complimented about?
Thomas:My head.” 
David: “My big mouth and short temper.”
Pete: “Nice Glasses.”
Peter: “People say I look amazing, but not for any particular feature.”
Jonny: “Not my nose.” 

3) Which 5 words describe you best?
Thomas: “Independent, weak, funny, contradiction, boy.”
David: “Happy, Angry, Frustrating, Argumentative, Friendly.”
Pete: Disorganised, Brilliant (but) Erratic, Skinny, Genius.”
Peter: “Good, clever, talented, handsome, and cool.” 
Jonny: “My name is Jonathan Sanders.”

4) Do you tend to write more music when you’re happy or when you’re sad?
Thomas: “I haven't noticed a correlation. I normally have periods of about 2 weeks where all the songs come to me at once and it's very hard to get them all out. I'm going through one of these now.”
David: “Probably I write in equal amounts when I am happy or sad.”
Jonny: “Both, but when I'm sad the songs are better.”
Pete: “Happy.”
Peter: “I don't tend to have those emotions on their own.   If I'm writing something I like then it makes me happy but a good song always has a bit of heartache in it too.  It's happy and sad together.  I think it's a fine balance.” 

5) Are there any films you watch over and over again?
Peter: “Nope.”
Thomas: “Yes. I like Steve Martin.  I could never read a book twice though.” 
David: “Manhattan, The Birds, Die Hard 1 and 2.”
Pete: “Yes, Predator 2 Predator 1 Die Hard1-4 Robin Hood Prince of Thieves Indiana Jones 1-3, Just the obvious ones really.”
Jonny: “Perhaps Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I watched that a lot, but I've stopped now.”

6) How long do you go without alcohol?
Pete: “
Usually until about six thirty/seven pm.”
Thomas: “5 days – I try not to drink in the week, especially if I'm on my own which I usually am.”
David: “Right now, a matter of hours, but usually longer than that.”
Peter: “Hopefully a few days.”
Jonny: “Don't mind.”

7) What’s the best track you’ve recorded so far?
Pete: “It's called 'On Time' I dreamt it and jumped out of bed to record it. By the time I started recording it I'd forgotten how it went so I had to sort of fill in the gaps.”

8) Did your favourite bands make decent follow up albums or did you always prefer their debut?
Thomas: “Normally number 2.”
David: “I don't think any of my favourite bands' first records are my favourite. The good bands seem to get better.”
Pete: “Second albums are always judged because they are second albums, this I think is a natural disadvantage.”
Peter: “Yes always decent follow ups, it's not all about the debut.  And our second album is going to be better than our first too.
Jonny: “Oh yes, most of my favourite bands have made amazing follow up albums. But most stuff I like is from yesteryear. I think it's much more common these days for bands to flunk a second album.”

9) Where would you like to be in 5 years time?

Thomas: “In the countryside.” 
David: “New York.”
Peter: “Topanga.”
Pete: “In a really nice studio which we own, drinking tea or beer and recording a song which is really good.”
Jonny: “In my / our own studio making music and my second studio making a mess with ink and paper and paint. (this is all a dream right now).”

10) Do you prefer ska to reggae ?
Peter: “Yeah man.”
Jonny:Don't know the difference. Sorry.”
Pete: “No.”
David: “No, I suppose I prefer Reggae (in general).
Thomas: “No, reggae is better.” 

11) Is the Pope a force for good?
Jonny: “NO.”
Thomas: “No.”
Pete: “No.”
David: “No, I believe the Pope (and in particular the current Pope) is a dangerous force with some views which to me are unacceptable.”
Peter: “It's hard to imagine a world without religion, and that is what the Pope stands for first and foremost.  Every person can be a force for good or evil depending on what they believe to be good.  Am I a force for good?  If I follow what I believe to be good then yes.  Can I judge someone else's actions or beliefs and guess their motives?  I haven't read Richard Dawkin's books but I've heard he's starting a new really good religion!”

12) Who do you envy most?
Thomas: “People who can sleep.”
Peter: “Roger Federer.”
Jonny: “The other me that I don't let out.” 
David: “I can't think of anyone, maybe some successful football player?”
Pete: “O, beware, my lord, of jealousy;
It is the green-ey'd monster, which doth mock
The meat it feeds on.”

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