Saturday 12 May 2012

Dub Pistols release "Worshipping The Dollar"

Last night Dub Pistols launched their new album "Worshipping The Dollar" with a party at The Electric in Brixton.
Rob Da Bank, Rednek, Eddy Temple Morris, and High Rankin were among the many special guests taking part in the celebrations.
Dub Pistols singer Barry Ashworth (who is also boss of Westway records boss and an in demand DJ)recently tweeted: "The Electric is an awesome venue and the system is fat. The dressing room is too small though." The Dub Pistols formed in 1996. They recently won DJ magazine's best live act award. One of their many claims to fame is that they reunited Terry Hall with fellow former Fun Boy Lynval Golding. Terry Hall joined The Dub Pistols to record ‘Speakers and Tweeters'. And, while performing with the band at Bestival, Hall was joined by his ex-bandmate Lynval Golding for the first time in twenty years. Certain D P songs certainly have a Specialsy feel about them. I love "Armageddon" which deserves to be a hit and I recon is their best work to date. Mr Ashworth says: "There are a lot more statement songs, there's a lot of food for thought on this one.It's more uptempo, there's some drum & bass on it, but the lyrics are deeper and darker. It's more like our old stuff in a way." The title of the new album comes from a line in a track called West End Stories ("Living in squalor, worshipping the dollar, there is no flag large enough to wrap around the horror") The rest of The Dub Pistols tour dates are: Friday 18th May – Barrow In Firness Monster Monster Saturday 19th May – Hertford Corn Exchange Friday 25th May – Guildford, The Boiler Room Saturday 26th May – Southampton Cellar Thursday 31st May – Bristol Lakota (Sadly Dub Pistols had to cancel their appearance at The King Arthur in Glastonbury.) For more info:

Friday 11 May 2012

Alex Chappel's photos from Jasper & Harry's Other Other Art Fair

(Above: Wen Wu with Harry Pye)
(A fan of Julian Wakeling's photography)
(Simon Ould at the entrance of Jasper & Harry's Other Other Art Fair)
(A fan of Oscar Joffe's paintings)
(Above: A Joffe fan casts their vote)
(Above: Rose Turner with Harry Pye)
(Happy person)
("All the way from Lithuania")
(Above: August)
(Above: A fan of Aleksandra Wojcik's photography)
(Above: Alba Joffe)

Thursday 3 May 2012

Review of "In Comes The Black Dog" at The Underdog Gallery in London Bridge

There was a lot of love in the room for Carrie Rose at the 4 day fund raising event she organised at The Underdog Gallery. More than £1,500 was raised on the first of several nights that featured live music, DJs and a rap battle as well as an art auction hosted by Will Porter from Christies. Emer O’Neill, the CEO of Depression Alliance gave a thoughtful speach about the good work her organisation do. The title of the event'In Comes the Black Dog’, is of course inspired by Winston Churchill’s famous description of his own depression. Many believe it is time the stereotypes of mental health are swept aside and a new understanding begins, as more and more people come to terms with their own dark canine companions. Helping to change peoples’ beliefs and attitudes towards depression is a very positive pursuit - I wish them continued success. It was an enjoyable and well attended evening. I liked a lot of the works on show including prints by Billy Childish and Kate McMorrine.
(Above: Leonard Cohen was one of many artists and writers who had donated signed prints, photos and artworks to the cause.)
Carrie & Her proud father
(Some of the art)
(Above: Lucky art collector called Jake who went home with the painting of Russell Walker & The Moog below)