Saturday 19 January 2013

In The Studio with Team Beswick and Pye

Following on from the huge success of the 2012 campaign when over a million pounds was raised for charity, the Big Egg Hunt 2013 will once again take the UK by storm. One hundred giant eggs, decorated by top artists, designers and jewellers will be touring the UK throughout Easter 2013. The hunt will start and end in Covent Garden, London and travel to Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Edinburgh*(*Locations to be confirmed). Team Beswick and Pye were delighted to get involved and hope that their egg will help raise lots of dosh for Action For Children. The title of Gordon and Harry's egg is: "Breakfast With The Beatles". Here are some photos taken of Beswick & Pye in the studio.
(Above: Gordon, Ringo and Harry)
(Above: George Harrison from above)
(Above: Harry and Paul)
(Above: Gordon and Ringo)
(Above: Little Eva in the mirror)
(Above: Tea break)
(Above: Gordon and Eva)
(Above: Tony the Tiger)
(Above: John and Paul)
(Above: Ringo)
(Above: Everest Fags)
Team Beswick & Pye C.V. Gordon Beswick was educated at Newcastle Under Lyme and Brighton College of Art. Gordon Beswick’s films have been shown at Tate Britain, The South London Gallery and The Institute of Contemporary Art. Harry Pye has curated many exhibitions including ‘100 Mothers’, ‘Viva Pablo’ and ‘For Peel’. Collaborative paintings by Gordon and Harry have appeared in celebrated shows at Sartorial Contemporary Art in Kings Cross and Galeria Thomas Cohn in Sao Paulo. In May 2010 Beswick & Pye were invited to take part in Tate Modern’s Souls For Sale extravaganza and had their work exhibited in the Turbine Hall. In December 2010 Gordon and Harry’s painting of a Page 3 girl was sold at a charity auction held at The Victoria & Albert Museum. Money raised went to the Breakthrough cancer charity. In April 2012 Team Beswick & Pye took part in “Secret 7” at the Idea Generation gallery in Shoreditch. Their design for a seven Inch single by The Cure was sold in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust. In the same month a compilation of their films were screened at Tate Britain’s Manton Studios as part of Late at the Tate. In October 2012 Team Beswick & Pye’s painting of Martin Luther King was featured in part of Art Below’s Peace Project. The painting was exhibited at Gallery Different and a poster of it was displayed in Regent’s Park Tube Station. In November 2012 Beswick & Pye were featured in The Discerning Eye exhibition at the Mall Gallery. In December 2012 – Two Beswick & Pye paintings appeared in the show “Matisse at Christmas” at Chatteau Joffe, Shoreditch.

Wednesday 16 January 2013

"Specialized 2: Beat Teenage Cancer"

Last year's must have compilation, "Specialized: A Modern Take On The Specials" not only raised over £25,000 for the charity Teenage Cancer Research, but also came runner up in a recent poll for the best ska or reggae album of 2012. This week Paul Willo unveiled a provisional list of the acts involved in his follow-up project Specialized 2: Beat Teenage Cancer. All the bands mentioned below are recording a special cover version of a song made famous by 80's legends The Beat.
The band's front man Dave Wakeling (pictured above) says: "These songs have been a big part of my life and I am honored they could be of use to the Specialized project, a wonderful opportunity to assist a worthy cause, The Teenage Cancer Trust."
Pama Int'l (Psychedelic Rockers)
The Simmertones (Whine & Grine)
Demelzas Tea Party (Drowning)
Addictive Philosophy (Big Shot)
Andy Perriss & Friends (Spar Wid Me)
Big Fat Panda (Doors Of Your Heart)
Bigger Thomas (USA) (Sole Salvation)
Bluebird Parade (Best Friend)
Buford OSullivan Get a Job).
Butterfly Collective (Over and Over)
Button Up (Rough Rider)
Dirty Revolution (Two Swords)
Dub Pistols (Mirror in the Bathroom)
Dubtonik (Monkey Murders)
Ed Rome (I Confess)
Erin Bardwell Collective (Which Side Of The Bed?)
Esperanza (Rotating Head)
Jamie Jazz (King Blues) (track await.)
Lucy Dean Ft.The Ska Toons (End of the Party)
Mighty Vipers (March of the Swivelheads)
King Hammond (Save it for Later)
Orange Street (Muscle Ska)
Robb Johnson and the Irregulars (Stand Down Margaret)
Skalight (Sorry) Swagga (Jackpot)
The Amphetameanies (I'm Your Flag)
The Funaddicts (Jeanette)
The Humanitarians (Sugar & Stress)
The Kosmos (Tears Of A Clown)
The Pressure Tenants (Ago Talk)
The Rough Kutz (Noise In This World
The Skanx (Can't Get Used To Losing You)
The Stiff Joints (Ackee 123)
The Talks (Hands Off She's Mine)
The Theme (Hit It) The Values (All Out To Get You)
This Modern Youth (Click Click) Urang matang (Walk Away)
Goldmaster Allstars (CANT GET USED TO LOSING YOU) (Version) The Splitters (Rankin Full Stop)
Dave Hillyard Rough Rider (Version)
Rhoda Dakar (Too Nice To Talk To)
Dubskamen Ft. Percy Dread (Cheated)
(Spritely Allstars) - (Two Swords) (Version)