Wednesday 14 July 2021

Issue 19 of Le Document


Inside issue 19 of Le Document....
A review of Paula Rego at Tate Britain by Lou Montignac

A new photo by Helen Smith

An interview with comedian Nick Revell by Harry Pye


A review of The Aztec Camera 'Backwards and Forwards
Box Set from Cheery Red records.

a chance to own a boat print by Chris Tosic

a painting by Chris Coombes

A profile on Gary Cooper by Jo Mama

An essay on Kraftwerk by Micko Westmoreland

news of 10th anniversary of The Specialized project

A dog called Bertie

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Thursday 1 July 2021

An Invite to attend a closing party for The Ramsgate Art Show at The Front Room in Bellevue Road onTuesday 14th Sept.

You are invited to attend a closing party for The Ramsgate Art Show on Tuesday 14th Sept. 6pm till 9pm. The address of the gallery is 10 Bellevue Rd, Ramsgate...

 Above: Admirers of work by Jessica Voorsanger 

Above: Large portraits by Felicity Allen have been accepted at both The Royal Academy in London and the R.A. Summer Show in Ramsgate.


Above: People with brand new tattoos are welcome

Above image: Rowland Smith and his painting of one time Ramsgate resident, Charles Darwin.

Above: Sculptor Corin Johnson with a work inspired by Will Hay

Above: Visitors from the outside looking in on work by Helen Smith.

Image above: Harry Pye and a painting of Frank Muir by Pye and Rowland Smith. The much loved comedy writer Frank Muir grew up in The Derby Arms Pub in Ramsgate and named his autobiography, 'A Kentish Lad.'

Image above: Ramsgate based artist Bob & Roberta Smith clutching an abstract painting by Patrick Brill

Image above: The amazing Jessica Voorsnager who has lived in Ramsgate for 20 years

Image above: Leonie Woods is contributing a portrait of Ramsgate legend Brenda Blethyn O.B.E 

Image above: 'Ivy Near  The Boating Pond' by Twinkle Troughton.

Image above: The Ramsgate based artist Russell Charter with curator Harry Pye at the Front Room Gallery in Bellevue Road. 

Image above: Artist Helen Smith who lives in Ramsgate.

Image above: Ramsgate Artist  Elizabeth Cake @a.circular.story modelling the 'Life Jacket' she made especially for The Ramsgate Art show. The jacket is made from found souvenir textiles (tablecloths, tea towels, and oven glove) from places she's lived/visited/had a good time in. It is hand quilted and hand finished.

For more info about the show please read this article which features statements from 10 of the artists here and also this preview about the show by The Isle of Thanet News: here