Tuesday 31 July 2018

The Harry Pye Awards at The A Side B Side Gallery

The Harry Pye Awards is coming soon to The A-side B-side Gallery, 352 Mare Street, Hackney, London, E8 1HR
Amongst the names rumoured to be finally receiving the recognition they deserve are singer/songwriter Simon Love and banjo playing legend Ritchie Lamy.
We can confirm that the brilliant Sukie Smith will not only be accepting a special award but also performing two songs live. Everyone who comes to see this unique event is a winner as they will get to see fourteen works by fourteen exceptional artists; 1) Harry Adams,
2) Gordon Beswick,
3) Martin Brown,
4) Sohrab Crews,
5) Mikey Georgeson,
6) James Lawson,
7) Lee Maelzer,
8) Raksha Patel,
9) Raphael Pepper,
10) Rachael Robb,
11) Geraldine Swayne,
13) Sarah Sparkes,
and 13) Sandra Turnbull.
On Friday the 31st of August one of these nominees above will be going home with a Harry Pye Award for 'Best Painting or Print sponsored by Joffe Books'.
FIND: A-side B-side Gallery is located in Hackney central opposite Marks & Spencer TRAVEL: For public transport the closest station is: Hackney central station PARKING: Parking in the road near the gallery is restricted to dropping off & loading only. Or there is a Tesco car park nearby where you can park up to 1hr 30mins. The show will be put up at lunchtime on Wednesday the 29th August and taken down on 4th September at 6pm. MORE NEWS COMING SOON

'Push The Boat Out' film by Corey Samuel

This morning the Push The Boat Out exhibition at the Art Academy was taken down. So now is as good a time as any to watch a mini film by Corey Samuel which shows the exhibition being put up. You can click: here to see Corey's film.
The exhibition featured work by; Gordon Beswick, Corin Johnson, James F. Johnston, Nicola Hicks, Cedar Lewisohn, Morrissey & Hancock, Kate Murdoch, and Harry Pye. The film begins with James Johnston in his studio (3 flights above the Art Academy gallery space.) Paintings by James that featured in the show included; 'Landscape with Orange Cabin', 'Blinfold' and 'Kneeling Man Becoming a Dog'and 'Sleepwalker'.
Cedar Lewisohn's London Knife Crime drawings are all untitled. Morrissey & Hancock's sculpture is called 'Chromatic'.
Corin Johnson's sculptures include; 'Magpie', 'Dancer' 'Colin with Rabbit', and 'Kate with Sledgehammer'. Kate Murdoch's contribution included; 'A Nice Little Spread', 'Nana's Curlers' and 'Nora was deflowered by a man who worked in the soda water factory'. Team Beswick & Pye collaborated on 'A Starry, Starry Night with Chris Packham in Southampton'. Gordon Beswick's paintings are titled; 'Invisible City 1' and 'Invisible City 2' Harry Pye exhibited a Van Gogh triptych and a cluster of paintings that included 'The Birds', and 'Play School with Derek Griffiths' (a.k.a 'Black History Month').
(Image Below is:) Nicola Hicks's sculpture is called, 'C is for Cactus'.
The show was curated by Johnston and Pye. James and Harry would like to thank all the artists who took part in the exhibition, PLUS: Amelie Lindsay for her help and advice, Sacha Craddock for coming to give an excellent talk about the work in the show, Andrew Petrie for designing the flier, Iain White for his essential help with the opening party, Richard Barr for documenting the private view with all his brilliant photos, Pete Sinclair for his generosity and support, Guy Haddon-Grant and Bill, Dan and Edie Flowers for installing 'C is for Cactus'. Thanks also to Zuzanna and everybody at The Art Academy, Matthew Couper at Southwark Arts, Isabel and everyone at Flowers, and Charlie the Dog for keeping our spirits up.
Thanks to an for listing our event: here. Thanks also to everyone who came and said nice things and/or bought something from our gift shop. And thanks to both John Flemming's So It Goes blog, Fabienne Jenny Jacquet's Tainted Glory blog for helping to spread the word. Read Fabienne's interview with James and Harry: here Read John's interview with James and Harry: here "Cheers everyone!"

Friday 27 July 2018

30 photos from the Push The Boat Out opening party taken by Richard Barr

'Push The Boat Out' is a group show curated by James F. Johnston and Harry Pye with Amelie Lindsay that's on at The Art Academy, 155 Walworth Road SE17 until the 30th of July. The organisers were delighted Richard Barr attended the show's opening party and that he brought his Canon E0S 600D camera with him. Originally from Bangor, County Down, he is now based in South London. Richard Barr is a very versatile and talented photographer with a knack for capturing magic moments. These 30 images serve as a good introduction to the exhibition and will hopefully whet your appetite enough for you to come and see the work for yourself. Today (Sat 28/07/18) at 3pm, the esteemed critic Sacha Craddock will be discussing the show with the curators plus Nicola Hicks, Corin Johnson, Cedar Lewisohn, and Kate Murdoch. This event is free and open to all (please try to arrive a bit before 3pm). You can also see the show on Saunday 29th of July (from 11am till 5pm) and on Monday the 30th of July (from 10.30am till 6.30pm).
Above: 'C is for Cactus' by Nicola Hicks
Above: 'Sleepwalker' by James Johnston
Above: Happy people
Above: More Happy People
Above: Bored baby
Above: Harry Pye and Dan Flowers. 'Magpie' by Corin Johnson.
Above: Artist and co-curator Harry Pye with Simon Ould.
Above: Harry, Derek, Judith standing in front of paintings by Gordon Beswick.
Above: A bit more 'C for Cactus'
Above: paintings by James Johnston
Above: A funsize painting in the gift shop by Harry Pye
Above: Drawings by Cedar Lewishon
Above: Chromatic by Morrissey & Hancock.
Above:'Dancer' by Corin Johnson.
Above: 'Couple with Owl' by Corin Johnson.
Above: 'Black History Month' by Harry Pye
Above: 'A Starry, Starry Night in Southampton with Chris Packham' by Team Beswick & Pye.
Above: ArtistKate Murdoch invites you to help yourself to free spam.
Above: painting by Gordon Beswick.
Above: "I demand more booze"
Above: From Cedar's sketchbook
Above: Tate mates, Priya and James
Above: Harry Pye with Loretta Wall
Above: dear oh dear
Above: Let's go outside
Above: James Johnston with Adrian Jones next to 'C is for Cactus' by Nicola Hicks
Above: Russell Carr interacts with 'Piper' by Corin Johnson.
Above: Sukie Smith & her chums
Above: Charlie
Above: Rob Mumby with his 'Harry Skateboard'
The Art Academy (formerly Newington Library) is a 5 minute walk from Elephant & Castle station.