Monday 19 June 2023

Mad, Mad World

Above: Dave Berg

Above: Don Martin

Above: Mad art by Norman Mingo

Above: Hear No Evil

Above: Clockwork Lemon

Above: Mad Mickey

Above: Mad Cover from 1999

Above: Mad Pepper

Above: Alfred E. Dali

Friday 2 June 2023

Twenty Photos From Varnishing Day at The Royal Academy of Arts


Above: Sculpture of The Royal Academy's first president, Sir Joshua Reynolds that stands infront in the Annenberg Courtyard of Burlington House.

Above: Sarah Wood and Sandra Turnbull in the R.A Courtyard
Above: Harry Pye off to special service for artists held at St James's Church

Above: Sarah Wood with Gavin Turk (R.A.) inside St James's Church
Above: Sarah Wood next to her painting 'Devoted' (oil on linen). This section (works 662-862) featured still life painting chosen by Clare Woods (R.A.) As well as great paintings by Lee Maelzer and Rachael Robb - this section also featured a bronze Veg Box by Gavin Turk.
Above: 'Devoted' by Sarah Wood

AboveJock McFadyen (R.A)

Above: Adam Dant with Russell Herron

Above: A wall of paintings selected by David Remfry MBE RA

Above: Humphrey Ocean (R.A) the painting in the top right hand corner is his portrait of Winnie Hall.

Above: Gavin, Humphrey and Winnie all point to the best painting in show.

Above: Bob Smith (OBE, RA)

Above: Gavin Turk (RA)with David Remfry (MBE RA) in front of work by Bob & Roberta Smith.
Above: Gallery 9 curated by Eileen Cooper RA

Above: Upclose and personal with Sandra Turnbull
Above: 'Can You See Me?' by Sandra Turnbull (acrylic, charcoal)
Above: Lovely Lee Maelzer offers me some strawberries. Check out her oil painting 'Cupshere

Above: 'Oratorio' (wood cabinet with side panels comprising of 8 paintings and 8 figures) by the late Dame Paula Rego (OBE, RA). Works 1133-1187 are by Royal Academicians who have recently passed away such as Brian Catling, Tom Philips and the amazing Paula Rego. (R.I.P.)

Above: Photo of 'Terry and Jerry in the Summer of 81' painted by Harry Pye and Rowland Smith (photo by Russell Herron).

Above: CHEERS! (photo by Sarah Wood)
Go and see the Summer show at The Royal Academy of Arts, Burlington House, Picadilly W1J OBD (Tue, 13 Jun 2023 – Sun, 20 Aug 2023)
More info: HERE