Sunday 9 May 2021

Issue 17 of Le Document coming soon

 The May 2020 issue of Le Document will be available here next week. Issue 17 features an interview with Duglas T. Stewart of BMX Bandits about the 30th anniversary of their classic album: Star Wars

There's also an interview with Indie legends; Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey who used to be members of much loved bands such as; Heavenly, Talullah Gosh, Marine Research, and Tender Trap, and who are now known as: Catenary Wires.

Le Document's Painting of the Month is 'Bosie' by Fabienne Jacquet

Le Document's Comedian of the Month is: Ivor Dembina
Photo by  Gary Kimmelman 

Le Document's Number of the Month is: 42
Le Document's Badge of the Month is: Hamburglar.

Le Document's Film of the Month is Sound For The Future which is reviewed by Mikey GeorgesonAlso in Issue 17; Photo of the Month by Corin Johnson, Poem of the Month 'May' (written by A K Blakemore) selected by Rochelle Roberts, Movie Star of the Month (Jodie Foster) selected by Jo Mama.

And finally, Le Document's Pet of The Month is Winnie Moon (A.K.A. Winston) see below: