Friday 21 August 2015

Pop Art show and album launch party- Thurs 10th Sept at A-Side B-Side Gallery 6pm-9pm

London, New York, Paris, Munich is an exhibition celebrating the wonderful world of Pop music. It’s curated by Astrid Horkheimer and Harry Pye. The show opens on Thursday the 10th of Sept at The A-Side B-Side Gallery at The Hackney Downs Studio. The private view for the show lasts from 6pm till 9pm There will then be an after party at The Russet (opposite the gallery). Astrid says: "The aim of London, New York, Paris, Munich is to have a blast. Highlights of the show include a painting of The Clash by Ray Gange, Liam Scully's Beyonce tribute, drawings of Kurt Cobain by Barry Thompson, a tribute to The Beatles by Bob London and a work entitled 'BEATLES IS MY BAG [HAMILTON COVERS HAMILTON COVER]' by The Wrong Paul Hamilton,
a painting of Yoko Ono by Rowland Smith, a Kate Bush fanzine put together by Sarah Doyle,
a gigantic Florence and The Machine painting by Julie Bennett, Sandra Turnbull's mixed media tribute to Ian Dury & The Blockheads, Dominic from Luton's work inspired by Paul Young,
Pop Star obituary paintings by Hugh Mendes, either an Iggy Pop or Micheal Jackson painting by Geraldine Swayne, and this painting of Brian Jones by Team Beswick & Pye which was inspired by a track on Micko Westmoreland's new album."
Harry says: "I'm really looking forward to this show. I've been collaborating with Astrid, Gordon Beswick and Mikey Georgeson on several new paintings of David Bowie which will be hung together in our "David Bowie Corner". We're delighted that the p.v. of this show is also the launch party for Micko's excellent new album: Yours Etc Abc. Hope you can make it on Thursday the 10th as I'm sure a splendid time will be had by all." A-Side B-Side Gallery, Hackney Downs Studios, Amhurst Terrace, London E8 2BT For more info: 020 8533 7258 The gallery is open Friday to Monday 12 till 6
Yours Etc Abc by Micko Westmoreland is available on vinyl and digital download on the newly founded Landline records label. Signed copies of the album will be available on the night.

Monday 10 August 2015

Yet More Photos from Angus Hughes Gallery

Above: Some of the 42 free cards deigned by Macarthur and Pye
Above: Baby Love
Above: In the background is work by Kes Richardson & Harry Pye
Above: Mr Christopher Owen
Above: A happy Julian Wakeling
Above: Tim and Chris
Above:"No, thank You"
Above: Becky Hornblower
Above:Side view
Above: Mr Raul Pina Perez
Above: Mikey G runs through a few numbers
Above: Mr Ould
Above: Crowd watching Mikey G
Above: Mr Paul Sakoilsky
Above: Mr Macdonald from Glasgow
Above: Mr Jones
Above: Pretzel Eyes Macarthur
Above: "Hold On, everything is Cool"
Above: Fintan celebrates
Above: Gabriella
Above: Francis with Godard photos
Above: 2 Ladies giving Sarah's Cope painting some love
Above: Nathan P and friend
Above: Kate Lydon
Above: Mikey fans
Above: Kirsty B and Harry P
Above: A work in Progress. Tracey Williams and I are working on a tribute to our friend Chiara Giacomini

Thursday 6 August 2015

42 Photos from The Life of Pye launch party at Angus Hughes Gallery

“There once was a number - That tore this Universe asunder - It held the key - To all that we are - All that we will be - Released our base desires - Set our minds free - For it was more than Forty-One But less than Forty-Three”
Above: A 42 word poem about the number 42 by Mr Calum F. Kerr
"Life of Pye" is a 12 month project which involves the artist Harry Pye collaborating with 42 of his most talented friends. In 2016 there will be a book, designed by Keith Sargent, that features images and info about each collaboration and, 42 quotes from 42 people about the number 42. Last night there was a party to launch the project at The Angus Hughes Gallery.
Above: H.P. with Micko Westmoreland and Kes Richardson. ("Every Relationship Has a Clock Attached" Acrylic on canvas by Richardson/Pye)
Above:Jasper Joffe in front of On The Road Again by Dyke/Pye
Above:Kes and Richard Cook in front of Absent Friends work by Williams/Pye
Above: H.P. with Geraldine Ryan (in front of Julian Cope painting by Sparkes & Pye)
Above: Toast of London's Mat Berry in front of 42 x Elvis by Horkheimer/Pye.
Above: Nicolas Ruston with Mikey Georgeson in front of "I Think About You"
Above: H.P. with Rachael Robb in front of "In My Room" by Wakeling/Pye
Above painting: Breakfast in Bed by Smith/Pye
Above painting: The 4 Tates by Cope/Pye
Above: Elvi with Harry Mermaid by Edwards/Pye
Erica Macarthur and Mat Berry in front of The Life Drawing Class by Beswick/Pye
Above: Fanny J in front of Portrait with Badges by Dipre/Pye
Above: Murdoch and Pye's 42 Objects of Affection
Above: Barry Thompson in front of Childish/Swayne/Pye painting
Above: Derek Jordan in front of In My Room by Wakeling/Pye
Above: Ruth Binfor
Above: Tricky Dicky painted by Coleman/Pye
Above: My Mum
Above: Mikey Georgeson
Above: G&A infront of Ruth Binfor's work.
Above: The Lovely Sandra Turnbull
Above: Merv in front of Harpo painted by Geraldine Swayne
Above: Gabriella and chum
Above: Decima Gallery reunion
Above: Breakfast in Bed
Above: Lovely Tinsel Edwards
Above: Tim in front of "Catisfaction" by Owen/Pye
Above: Frost & Nixon by Coleman/Pye
Above: Nicolas
Above: a fantastic fellow
Above: A lovely lady with 42 flowers in her hair
Above: the work in the background is a Gervay/Pye collaboration
Above: Kiss Kiss
Above: Deb n Rach n Uliana
Above: the lovely Tracey Williams
Above: Close-up from 42 Objects of Affection
Above:Hanging out with the amazing Liam Scully
Above: Mikey Sparkes. ********** HOT NEWS JUST IN ******* There will be a closing party at Angus-Hughes gallery on Saturday 8th of Auguest (6pm till 9pm)and the first 42 people to arrive will receive a free greetings card designed by Erica Macarthur & Harry Pye