Tuesday 26 July 2022

Photos from the opening party of The Always On My Mind exhibition at Fitzrovia Gallery

Always On My Mind - an exhibition in aid of The National Brain Appeal - was sponsored by The E.1 Brew Co.

Above: Sasha Bowles

Above: Cat in the hat

Above: Cheers 1

Above: The lovely Pete Sinclair with an old chum
Above: Cheers 2

Above: Cheers 3

Above: Cheers 4

Above: Artworks by Matthew Collings
Above: Anna, Tracey, Thomas

Above: Parkin and Roger the Dodger

Above: Elvis fans by Alice Herrick
Above: Cheers 5

Above: Hard working Anna from The National Brain Appeal
Above: Cheers 6
Above: Cheers 7

Above: Cheers 8

Above: James Johnson with Harry Adams of L-13

Above: Cheers 9
Above: Cheers 10

Above: Dorian Crook and Co
Above: Sculpture by Corin Johnson
Above: Mervyn in front of work by Magda Archer holding special Alice Herrick Elvis can

Above: Cheers 11

Wednesday 20 July 2022

 Last night was the opening party of Le Document magazine's first ever Print Fair at Fitzrovia Gallery. The evening was sponsored by E1 Brew Co and a splendid time was had be all!

Above: Anthony from E1 Brew Co.

Above: Artists Cristina Calvache and Olga Suchanova

Above: The musician Andrew Petrie

Above: Martina L poses next to work by Andrew Wyatt
Above: The photographer Max Reeves with the printmaker Vanessa Winch

Above: The artist Andrew Wyatt

Above: Artist Cristina with Tate Legend Sally Ferguson

Above: Esteemed printmaker Loretta Wall
Above: Amazing artist Angela Johnson previews a new video she's directed.
Above: Artist Simon Ould

Above: Artist Sandra Turnbull & pals.
The next set of photos were taken by Peter Tainsh...
Above: Turnbull and Pye paying tribute to Bjork 
Above: Oliver

Above: Simon mansplaining 
Above: Happy people
Above: The artist Raksha Patel

Above: Corey with the artist James Lawson

Fitzrovia Gallery is open every day from 12 till 6pm

The next batch of photos are from Loretta Wall 

Above: "Tunnels beaches" Linocut and stitch on Japanese paper
17cm x 20cm £95 Artist: Loretta Wall

Above: Corey Samuel 

Above: Vanessa Winch and Loretta Wall

Above James Lawson vogues in front of a print by Lucy Jagger

Above: Gordon Beswick and Corey Samuel

 behind them on the wall are marigold gloves by Tinsel Edwards

Lots of lovely people night including; Gordon Beswick, James Lawson, Sukie Smith, Eva Tait, Raksha Patel, Richard Cabut, Martina Larsson, Billy Childish, Alice Herrick, Sasha Bowles, Nick Revell, Cristina Calvache, Andrew Bailey, and Corey Samuel.

Above: work by Olga Suchanova

Turnbull and Tosic

Above Simon Ould mansplaining