Tuesday 11 December 2012

Photos from Matisse at Christmas P.V.

(Above: Harry Pye and Jasper Joffe inside Chateau Joffe, Shoreditch)
(Above: Baby Love)
(Above: Miss R.F.W in front of "In My Room")
("In My Room" 2012)
(Above: James & Geraldine reunion)
(Above: Hugh Mendes arrives at the door)
(Above: Jasper)
(Two dandy young bucks)
(Above: Smiley smile)
(Above: Tate bag imitating art)
(Above: Three Wise Men)
(Above: Mr G. Williams)
(Above: Ms Rose Turner)
Above: Doctor in the House)
(Above: Uliana)
(Above: "The Life Drawing Class" painted by Gordon Beswick & Harry Pye)
(Above: My Mum wearing a hat)
(Above: Saskia wearing a hat)
(Above: Kes Richardson stands by a painting based on 80s pop legends The Beat)
(Above: Rosie)
(Above: An unflattering photo of Joe the violin player)
(Above: A Harry Pye collage of Paul Hedge fails to grab any one's interest)
(Above: A drawing I did of my Dad in 1980 that I recently photocopied and coloured in with felt tips)
(Above: Jordan and Jessop)

Tuesday 4 December 2012

Robert Rubbish's Postcard Show 7th-24th December

Robert Rubbish & his chums from Le Gun magazine have put together a show in which you can buy an art postcard for a mere ten pounds. "From London With Love" takes place in Shoreditch next week...