Monday 13 August 2018

Triptych for sale

Above: 10 years ago Harry Pye, Rowland Smith and Marcus Cope worked together on a new version of Francis Bacon's 'Three Figures at The Base of a Crucifixion.' The painting was made for The Free Art Fair organised by Jasper Joffe.
Above: Harry Pye at the opening of The Free Art Fair 2008. The triptych was given away to a visitor to the Free Art Fair completely free of charge. The person who got it, kept it for a while and then eventually sold it to someone for £2000. That person no longer has the room to install it and wants to sell. If you're interested in buying it get in touch via:
Above: Jasper Joffe at The 3rd and final Free Art Fair which took place at The Barbican. The Free Art Fair featured many artists including; Matthew Collings, Stuart Cumberland, Adam Dant, Marlene Dumas, Rose Gibbs, Luke Gottelier, Peter Harris, James Jessop, Chantal Joffe, Jasper Joffe, Peter Lamb, Cathy Lomax, Bruce McLean, Alex Gene Morrison, Martin Sexton, Bob & Roberta Smith, Geraldine Swayne, Gavin Turk, and Stella Vine. For more info click: here