Tuesday 14 April 2020

Issue 4 of Le Document will be available soon

Issue 4 will feature photography by Robert Raynard, a drawing by Louise Camrass,
an interview with Anne Pigalle, a profile on Henri Rousseau, a story about Elvis Presley in Paris, and much, much more. (Photo of Anne Pigalle by Pascal Ancel Batholdi)

Monday 6 April 2020

Three Contemporary Painters

Today The Rebel magazine shines a spotlight on the work of three painters under 40, all of whom are doing rather well. Brian Eno once advised us to, “Stop thinking about art works as objects and start thinking about them as triggers for experiences. What makes a work of art good for you is not something that s already inside it but something that happens inside you.” If you walked past a skip this afternoon and saw all of the three paintings which would you pick out and take home with you? Don't make your selection on the idea of, "It might be worth something one day" pick the one you'd like to spend time with because it moves or inspires you.
1) Salman Toor
Above: Salman Toor who grew up in Pakistan and now lives in New York.
Above: painting by Salmon Toor called, The Convalescent (oil on panel, 24 × 24 inches, 2019) 2) Jordan Kasey
Above: Jordan Kasey lives and works in Brooklyn, NY
Above: A painting by Jordan Kasey called, The Book 57 inches x 57 inches, oil on canvas, 2019 3) Cristina Lama
Above Christina Lama who lives and works in Seville.
Above: A painting by Christina Lama called Refuge, 150cm x 150cm, oil on canvas, 2017