Wednesday 25 January 2017

Coming up at The Mainstream Gallery, Ramsgate

The Mainstream Gallery opened it's doors in Autumn last year with the fabulous "Nine Lives" exhibition. Currently the gallery is closed for refurbishment, when it reopens in the Spring, the first show will be "Dead Famous" which features covers from the magazine collection of Nathan Pendlington.
(Above: Nathan with a tiny selection of his enormous collection of covers that celebrate dead celebrities.) Then, on the 20th June until the 21st Sept there will be a group show called "By The Sea."
(Above: Mikey Georgeson's painting "Worthing Statue."
(Above: "Ship" by Dominic Kennedy)
(Above: At The Harbour by Charlie Day) The Mainstream Gallery's first photography show: "You Know More Thank I Know" will run from the 22nd Sept till the 20th Dec)
(Above: "David Ike" by Chloe Mortimer)
(Above: Photo by Jasper Joffe)
(Above: photo by Jackie Hallows.) (Below: photo by Andrew Petrie)
In the Wintertime Mainstream Gallery goers will be treated to an exhibition of paintings by Gordon Beswick such as Magic Mountain.
"Go with the Mainstream!"