Monday 29 February 2016

Photos from Médecins Sans Frontière fundraiser 27/02/2016

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to attend a brilliant night of art & music in aid of MSF organised by Deborah Rigby. The venue was Yinka Shonibare's studio near Broadway Market. There was live music by Sukie Smith, DJs included Candida Doyle & Jarvis Cocker from Pulp and Terry Hall.
Above: Yinka Shonibare MBE (RA).
Above: Tez 'n' Debs
Mr Cocker and a happy friend
Above: Turk 'n' Cocker
Above: Mr Hall with a nice couple called Steve and Sam
Above: The Lady in White Sukie Smith
"Let's all meet up in the year 2016" Jarvis reunites with Pulp's keyboard player Candida
Above: Very impressive singers whose names include Matty Barclay, Kitty Finer and Alex
Above:Artist Sara Bjornsdottir
Above: My mate Dave
Above: Juanita Boxill and friend
Above: Lovely chap called Jacques Hartley
Above: Corinne Drewery (of Swing Out Sister) organizes a group photo with her fellow D.Js
Above: Gavin and Natasha
More photos and text to follow soon If you want to find out more about MSF and the good work they do please visit their site:

Sunday 14 February 2016

The Spammed return to the studio

On Thursday 11th of Feb, The Spammed a.k.a Horace (bass), Micko (Guitar), Kevin (Lead vocals), Neil (keyboards) and Rat (drums) returned to the recording studio, their mission to record a track for "One Heart" (a tribute to Bob Marley & the Wailers) organised by Specialized who have so far raised an amazing £80,000 for worthy causes.
The Specialized album "One Heart" organised by Paul Willo and Chums will be sold in aid of The Teenage Cancer Trust. Other acts featured on the album include: Lynval Golding of The Specials, Keith & Tex, Annabella Lwin, Lee Thompson of Madness, The Sex Pissed Dolls, Rude Boy George, and Special Brew.For more info vist:
Below: The Fun Boy 3 with The NME (Micko Spam, Neil Spam and Kev Spam)
Last year The Spammed recorded a version of Tommy Gun (originally by The Clash) which was featured on the 3 CD compilation album "Combat Cancer" and also released as a clear 7 inch single.Record Collector Magazine gave the album a 4 star review and praised The Spammed's version of Tommy Gun for sounding "Punchy" The album and the single have both completely sold out.

Tuesday 2 February 2016

The p.v. of "Let Us Make A Better World" is Friday 8th of April, 6pm till 10pm

'Let Us Make a Better World' (A Group Show Curated by Sarah Jeffries & Infinity Bunce)
Artist Include; Annabel Dover, Carne Griffith, David Hancock, Daisy Clarke, Debbie Lawson, Elinor Evans, Gonny Van Hulst, Gareth Kemp, Harry Pye, Infinity Bunce, Jo Wilmot, Jay Reichstein, Louis Michel, Mike Bartlett, Matty Small, Sarah Jeffries The Cello Factory 33-34 Cornwall Rd, Waterloo London Opening Event - Friday 8th April 6-10pm 9th- 15th April 2016 12-6pm daily Sarah Jeffries: "Mankind’s treatment of animals has always been questionable. With the recent rise of animal rights activism on social media, people are hungry for change in response to horrific stories surfacing around the world: an American dentist trophy hunting in Africa, the appalling treatment of dogs and cats caught up in the meat trade in Asia, news of UK diary cows being kept inside like battery chickens, dogs in puppy farms in the UK forced to have up to thirty puppies and kept inside tight unsanitary spaces, to name but a few. All of the artists in this exhibition want to help create positive change through their art and have been working on thought-provoking pieces to challenge how we look at the world and all its inhabitants."
"Tyger, Tyger" by Harry Pye. Acrylic, Enamel, Emulsion on wood. 107cm wide and 48cm high. "Rumble in the Jungle" by Gordon Beswick & Harry Pye. Acrylic on canvas 50cm X 50cm "Brian & his Badger" by Harry Pye and Rowland Smith. 30cm wide by 24cm high.
Above: Harry Pye with "Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright"
Above: Gordon Beswick with "Rumble in the Jungle" (Note: this painting isn't finished)
Above: "Mark Twain" painted by Harry Pye & Rowland Smith