Thursday 15 December 2022

Happy Hanukkah Mr Nimoy painted by Harry Pye with Rowland Smith


Above: "Happy Hanukkah Mr Nimoy" painted by Harry Pye with Rowland Smith (2022) Acrylic on Canvas, 65x90cm

Leonard Nimoy is the much loved Star Trek actor who, from 1966 to 2013, played Mr Spock. Spock is known for the words, "Live long and prosper" and also his Vulcan salute. 

In his 1975 autobiography I Am Not Spock, Nimoy, who was Jewish, wrote that he based it on the Priestly Blessing performed by Jewish Kohanim with both hands, thumb to thumb in this same position, representing the Henrew letterShin (ש in Square Script, or Paleo Hebrew 𐤔‎), which has three upward strokes similar to the position of the thumb and fingers in the gesture. The letter Shin here stands for El Shaddai, meaning "Almighty (God)", as well as for Shekinah and Shalom. Nimoy wrote that when he was a child, his grandfather took him to an Orthodox synagogue, where he saw the blessing performed and was impressed by it

Watch the story behind Mr Spock's Vulcan salute:Here

“Harry Pye’s playful, skewed and slyly subversive visions of a brighter, better reality are the perfect antidote to a world of woe. His paintings are a delightful and, at times, poignant riposte to all the po-faced, cynical and joyless cultural landfill cluttering up the place”
— Stephen Ellcock, author of, All Good Things

Harry Pye graduated from Winchester School of Art in 1995. Over the years Harry’s paintings have been selected for shows at; The Barbican, Calvert 22, The Discerning Eye Mall Gallery, The Bankside Gallery, The Creekside Art Gallery, and festivals such as; Elefest and Deptford X. 

Pye’s work featured in two group exhibitions at Tate Modern; Save Our Souls, and Inside Job. His paintings have also been exhibited in galleries in; Australia, Brazil, China, and Denmark.

Pye paintings have been sold to raise money for charities such as Art Against Knives, Break Through, Action For Children, Kids & Co, CARA, Depression Alliance, Friends of the Earth, and The National Brain Appeal.

His paintings have appeared on record sleeves, posters on the underground and the cover of the Tate Staff Handbook. His work has appeared in numerous publications including; The Times, The Guardian, The Evening Standard, Frieze, and Turps Banana.

His collaborative exhibition with Jasper Joffe (Joffe et Pye) was rave reviewed on BBC Radio 4. Speaking on Saturday Review, The director of the I.C.A, Ekow Eshun’s response to the show was: “Intense feelings about love, loneliness and fear, anxiety, desire and hope, and ambition all come into play into these paintings. Very powerful I thought. What could have been fey, arch, or game playing was actually very warm. Harry was the winner of the Daily Mirror’s Paint Tony Blair competition judged by Gilbert and George. The Week magazine said of Harry’s work, “Pye's apparent naivety is accompanied by a strong sense of construction and design. Their directness and humour are appealing” And the critic Ana Finel Honigman described him as one of “London's premiere puckish artists and curators.”

Friday 25 November 2022

Christmas Cards For Sale at Vout-O-Reenie's Xmas Art Fair on Thursday 8th December

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Vout-O-Reenee's Xmas Art Fair on Thursday 8th December 5 till 10pm. 
Address: The Crypt, 50 Prescot St, E1 8BB

Don't miss out on this chance to buy affordable Xmas gifts and cards from; Alice Herrick, Angel Adley, Buttress & Snatch, C.A. Halpin, Carson Parkin Fairley, Charlotte Bracegirdle, Clive Jennings, Cristina Calvache, Daisy Gammon, Harry Pye, Keeler Tornero, Mandee Gage, Michael Coles, Olga Suchanova, Sadie Hennessy, and Silvia Ziranek.

Friday 14 October 2022

Always On My Mind exhibition raises £6,000 for The National Brain Appeal


The National Brain Appeal
This week's #FridayFundraisers are curator Harry Pye and the incredible artists who took part in #AlwaysOnMyMind 🎨 Taking place at Fitzrovia Gallery, the group art exhibition raised £6,000 in aid of The National Brain Appeal and we couldn't be more grateful 💙

Friday 5 August 2022

Introducing Igor Kudelin

Igor Kudelin is an artist from Ukraine, the city of Dnipro (Dnepropetrovsk). For five years he collaborated with the Museum of Ukrainian Painting in the city of Dnipro, where he was the leading artist and curator of three contemporary art festivals. At the beginning of 2020, he decided to do one of his individual projects that was not related to his patrons in the museum. He used to be fond of portraits in modern styles, but he decided to make this project like a burlesque opera, where his heroes are, this is a synthesis of the libretto and the rhythms of music. 

The image above is from Igor's Burlesque opera "Million Dollars" project

Harry Pye: How are you? Are you feeling happy and healthy?

Igor: "I am far from home now, and I can’t fully and calmly make the art that I like at the moment and have to do some things that I probably wouldn’t do in my studio, so now I’m not in the best shape. There is a feeling of some apathy and nervousness. Of course I try to pull myself by the ears, I force myself to work and sometimes I explore the local art scene."
What can you tell me about your life in the Ukraine? Did you have a happy childhood?
"I don't like to talk about my childhood, it was a long time ago. I will say a few words. Childhood in the USSR was quite normal and predictable. From childhood I loved to draw, but I did not like the Soviet academic school, it did not find a response in my heart, there was no mystery and experiment in it.
I studied at the Faculty of Architecture of the Institute and in my third year I realized that architecture was a boring subject for me and then transferred to the Art and Graphic Faculty of the Pedagogical Institute. Dnepropetrovsk is a city with a million inhabitants, but in terms of art and culture, the city was very archaic. I set myself the goal of being the most extraordinary artist in order to try to bring the population out of a long hibernation and, in addition to painting, I began to develop disciplines that were not previously present on the Dnepropetrovsk art scene - performance, installation, action. I hope I managed to influence the state of contemporary art in my city a little."
In what ways are you a bad man? What aspects of your character need to improve?
"I am not a very sociable person, in the sense that if you consider that art is not only creativity, but also business, then I often lose in promoting myself. I don’t have enough time or I’m just too lazy to engage in self-promotion. I am 60 years old and it is unlikely that I can improve myself in this regard."
In what ways are you a bad artist? In what ways does your work need to improve?
"It is unlikely that any artist will say honestly about himself that he is bad. Like any person, I am not perfect and can be both a good and a bad artist, especially since it is too late for me to correct anything, and this quality in this case acts as a correlate. Modern visual art is very different from the rest of the arts, it has many contradictions and unprovable formulas and as a rule you have to be a little aggressive and have confidence in your actions. You just need to believe that you are right for yourself, if you believe in yourself, then others will believe too."

What films have meant a lot to you? Which films have you seen more than once? Are there any directors you see as being artists?
"My favorite directors are Dziga Vertov, Bunuel, Fellini, Tarkovsky, Jarmusch, Godard, Antonioni, Lynch. I don't watch the latest directors anymore. All of these directors are artists for me. Most of all I reviewed the films of Tarkovsky, Jarmusch and Antonioni. I watched Amarcord and Eight and a Half three times, Tarkovsky - Solaris and Andrey Rublev, three times each, Antonioni - Night, Adventure, Zoom, I am a reporter, three or four times. Jarmusch - The Limits of Control, watched ten times. David Lynch - Lost Highway and Mulholland, watched three times each."
Who are your heroes?
"The question is a little unclear, I know English very poorly (this question is in the field of art or global) I like people of science and art, politicians are not very clear creatures for me. Of the artists, I would single out two stages in my age-old development. The first are De Kooning, Pollak and Bacon, the second are Lucio Fontana, Rothko, Malevich, Agnes Martin, Robert Ryman and Roman Opalka. With age, you are not very aggressive and become a little wiser. Therefore, I am close to more subtle artists who, as it were, worked at the level of quantum theory."
What do you feel most passionate about?
"Now for myself I have made some axioms that used to be quite illusory. I've burned my hydrogen like the stars and I'm starting to use helium to reconnect with eternity. I no longer want to narrate, tell and convince about anything, only to convey the subtle changes that occur in my mind with minimal means on canvas. There is a desire to simply contemplate a pure, transparent stream disappearing into eternity."

What are you working on next - what is your next project?
"I brought with me to London a series of portraits of the burlesque opera "Million Dollars", where my heroes are a synthesis of the libretto and rhythms of music. As rhythms, I used different areas of contemporary art. Whether I will continue this series is unlikely, but I would like to put them in a gallery.
At the moment, I am interested in the direction that I started in 2020 and 2022. This is minimalism or something else, I do not undertake to give a definition. I have already said before that I want art with calm, smooth rhythms, when you think philosophically about the world without fuss, realizing that you cannot change the order of things and just as calmly, without excessive fuss, apply paint without going into details about certain qualities and values ​​​​acquired humanity. Therefore, I will continue, with some changes, my series of works - "Dharma", "Treatises on Modern Art" - text and vertical white stripes, "Treats on Color", "Treats on Physics and Mathematics" - an abstract straightforward text and very difficult to define , where is a treatise, they are indicated only in the text to the work. The distinction of visual art differs from the public social arts of film and music in that it can remain personal and self-contained. 
A small clarification, I would like to continue, but alas, without a materials studio, it is still impossible to continue my story."
To find out more about Igor and his projects e-mail: 
and his work e-mail:

Tuesday 26 July 2022

Photos from the opening party of The Always On My Mind exhibition at Fitzrovia Gallery

Always On My Mind - an exhibition in aid of The National Brain Appeal - was sponsored by The E.1 Brew Co.

Above: Sasha Bowles

Above: Cat in the hat

Above: Cheers 1

Above: The lovely Pete Sinclair with an old chum
Above: Cheers 2

Above: Cheers 3

Above: Cheers 4

Above: Artworks by Matthew Collings
Above: Anna, Tracey, Thomas

Above: Parkin and Roger the Dodger

Above: Elvis fans by Alice Herrick
Above: Cheers 5

Above: Hard working Anna from The National Brain Appeal
Above: Cheers 6
Above: Cheers 7

Above: Cheers 8

Above: James Johnson with Harry Adams of L-13

Above: Cheers 9
Above: Cheers 10

Above: Dorian Crook and Co
Above: Sculpture by Corin Johnson
Above: Mervyn in front of work by Magda Archer holding special Alice Herrick Elvis can

Above: Cheers 11