Saturday 20 June 2020

John Lennon Video

Paul Speare has composed a tribute to John Lennon. Team Beswick & Pye are making a FAB video to go with Paul's music with a little help from their friends Martin Pickles and Rowland Smith.
Above: Lennon by Harry Pye
Above: Beatles 1 by Harry Pye
Above: (Instant Karma) a.k.a Beatles 2 by Harry Pye and Rowland Smith
Above: Jealous Guy by Harry Pye (badge by Sadie Hennersey)
Above: "The Fab 4" by Harry Pye and Rowland Smith
Above: Lennon by Harry Pye
Above: John, Julian and Cynthia by Harry Pye
Above: Yoko by Rowland Smith
Above: John & Yoko by Harry Pye & Rowland Smith
Above: Number 9 Dream by Harry Pye & Rowland Smith
Above: "There's Nothing To See Here" by Harry Pye
Above: Help
Above: "We All Shine On"
Above: Strawberry Beatles Forever
Above: Black and White Beatles

Monday 15 June 2020

Issue Six of Le Document

The June issue of Le Document features poetry from John Hegley, and essay by Peter Suchin, and photography from Lee Palmer
Also included is an interview with Brix Smith Start of The Extricated. Paintig by Geoff and Eilidh Lucas, a profile on Dolly Parton and an ink drawing by Norman Kaghma
Find out for yourself by following the link: HERE

Sunday 7 June 2020

MAD magazine's Al Jaffee retires at 99

Al Jaffee, officially the longest-working comic artist ever, has decided to retire at age 99. He's been contributing drawings for MAD magazine for the last 65 years.
Jaffee is best known for inventing the MAD Fold-In which always appeared on the inside of the back cover.
A few years back it was announced Al agreed to donate his work to the University of Columbia where it will be stored safely for future generations. Jaffee recently told the Washington Post that he was happy with his lot. “I’m living the life I wanted all along, which was to make people think and laugh.”