Saturday, 15 September 2018

Funny Business at Gallery 64a

Above painting: 'The Future is Unwritten' acrylic on canvas by Harry Pye and Rowland Smith
Above painting 'Worried Couple' by Geraldine Swayne
Above painting 'The Moon Landing' by Geraldine Swayne
Above painting 'Dirty Danish Dolls' by Geraldine Swayne
Above painting ('Aubergine' 18 x 24cm acrylic on canvas) by Jasper Joffe
Above painting ('Kissy Face' 18 x 24cm acrylic on canvas) by Jasper Joffe
Above painting; ('Whale'18 x 24cm acrylic on canvas) by Jasper Joffe.
Above: 'Beards' by Sadie Hennessy
Above painting: 'Ken Dodd' acrylic and emulsion paint and mixed media on wood) by Harry Pye
Above painting: 'Kenneth Williams' (acrylic on wood)by Harry Pye
Above painting: 'Woody Allen' (acrylic on canvas') by Harry Pye and Rowland Smith
Above Map of how to get to Gallery 64a from Whiststable station 'Funny Business' takes place at Gallery 64a From Thu Oct 04 2018 To Sun Oct 28 2018.

Friday, 14 September 2018

10 Questions for Sadie Hennessy

On Facebook she's described herself as a "Mature Lady Artist." Maybe she is someone who needs no introduction? You can see the work of this legendary Whitstable based, creative genius and "shenanigator" at The next London Art Car Boot Fair which will take place on September 16, 2018 between 12-6pm at Granary Square, King's Cross, N1C 4AA.She also has work in a new group show called 'Funny Business' taking place at Gallery 64a.
What's the Sadie Hennessy story? Have you been making art a long time? "Yes always. I thought I wanted to be a writer when I left school, and studied ' theatre-writing for non-theatre spaces' (or something like that!) at Dartington College of Arts, in the 80s.....but I was always more interested in the visuals, than the words, and what I was doing then was probably closer to installation, and performance art, but I wasn't really aware of those terms. I finally got round to studying Fine Art by doing an MA at Central St. Martins a few years back and I'm now Screen Print Fellow at the Royal Academy, amongst other things."
What makes you laugh and how would you describe your sense of humour? "I like things that are surreal and incongruous.... and a bit pathetic. I have an ongoing project called 'The Museum of Patheticness' and that always makes me laugh. So perhaps I should describe my sense of humour as 'pathetic'?!"
What are the best things about living in Whitstable? "Well Whitstable in the Summer is hard to beat. I live right next to West Beach and when the weather is warm I run over to the sea in my dressing gown, for a pre-breakfast dip. Heaven!"
Do you have any art heroes and who are your favourite contemporary artists? "Louise Bourgeois (as seen above) and Giorgio de Chirico are my old school art heroes - and more contemporary people that float my boat include Sarah Maple, Dash Snow, Sarah Lucas, John Akomfrah, Jeremy Deller, Sophie Calle (as seen below) ...amongst many others"
Do you think there's good in everyone and that no one is all bad? "No. Some people are shits."
What can you tell me about your beard artworks - what made you want to put a beard on Liza Minelli? "Well it was a fairly literal exploration of the idea of 'the beard' as in a woman married to a closet gay man - which was particularly prevalent in the 'golden era' of Hollywood, where leading actors couldn't be known to be gay for fear of losing their female fans. I was playing with the idea of androgyny and gender-fluidity too I guess, and I also thought they looked quite funny. They took me absolutely ages to make as I am definitely not a very skilled needlewoman (unlike my heroine Louise Bourgeois!)"
What do you associate with the words, "Funny Business"? (What's the first thing that comes in your head?) "Monkey Business - I'm thinking of the PG Tips ad and a chimps tea party"
What have been the highest highs and lowest lows of 2018 (so far)? "Highest point of the year was doing my project 'Jolene & the Jealous Guys' in the bus shelters of East and West Coker (Somerset) as part of the Od Arts Festival. Until you have sung karaoke in a bus shelter dressed as Dolly Parton*, you probably haven't lived. The lowest point was losing my beloved friend Tim Burke (formerly of the Grey Organisation) a couple of weeks ago. He was my right-hand man and always there to advise me on my wilder art schemes."
What are your desert island discs and who would you most like to share an island with?
"I have literally spent my whole life thinking about the answer to this question (at the same time as knowing the answer will be of hardly any interest to anybody besides myself). Oh well, here goes: Buzzcocks - 'Ever Fallen in Love.....' 'Weightless Again' - Handsome Family 'Memories Can't Wait' - Talking Heads 'Closing Time' - Leonard Cohen 'Come Undone'- Mark Lanegan & Isobel Campbell 'The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret' - Queen's of the Stone Age 'Marz' - John Grant 'No Imagination' - Blondie (Oh God, I'm already panicking about all the other songs I want to include). Regarding who to share the island with, I'd probably have to take my Basset Hound, Dennis, with me, as no-one else would look after him if I wasn't around.
Do you know any jokes? "Yes! What is the difference between a weasel and a stoat? (Answer: A weasel is weasily recognisable and a stoat is stoatally different)"
'Funny Business' feat. Sadie is on at Gallery 64a From Thu Oct 04 2018 To Sun Oct 28 2018. For more on Sadie visit: here

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Harry Pye Awards 2018: WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Last night over 200 popped by The A Side B Side Gallery in Mare Street for the launch party of The Harry Pye Awards Sponsored by Joffe Books.
(Photo Below:) The winner of award for Best Album Sleeve went to Peter Harris
(Photo Below) The winner of The Best Newcomer Award went to Simon Love.
(Below) The winner of The Best Musician Award went to Richard Lamy
The winner of Best Live Act went to Sukie Smith
Below:The winner of Best Gallery went to The A Side B Side Gallery (which is run By Catherine Magnani)
The award of 2nd Best Artist of 2018 went to Mikey Georgeson for his painting, 'To My Mother, My Dog and Clowns'
The award for Best Artist of 2018 went to Raphael Pepper for his lino-cut, 'New York Twilight.'
Below: Best Artist Nominee Sarah Sparkes. In the background is Gordon Beswick's painting, 'Cropley Court'.
Below: A visitor poses with 'War is expensive. Peace is Priceless' by nominee Sandra Turnbull.
Below: Award Nominee: Harry Adams (a.k.a Steve Lowe)in the background is fellow nominee Sohrab Crews.
Below: The back of award nominee Geraldine Swayne's head
Below: 3 Best Artist Nominees James Lawson, Gordon Beswick and Mikey Georgeson.
Below: Harry Pye with Jackson D Ferguson
Below: Best Artist nominee Raksha Patel with her painting, Outside
Below: Best artist nominee, Rachael Robb hanging her painting, Bird.
(Photo Below):Best Artist Nominee Martin Brown whose painting is of a hooded figure in Tufnell Park.
Below: All of the artists nominated for their awards attended but not all of them like having their photo taken so here instead is a snap of some trophies..
Below: Simon Love and family
Five Useful Links...
1) The Prize money for the Best Artist Award and 2nd Best Artist Award was donated by Jasper Joffe of Joffe Books. Find out more about them by clicking: Here 2) Simon Love has a new album out on Tapete Records which you can find out about: here 3) Richard Lamy has a soundcloud thing which you can listen to: here 4) Sukie Smith is in the group Madam who you can learn more about: here 5) Peter Harris is an artist, musician and gentleman who you can read about: here
Above: "Everyone's A Winner Baby" The A Side B Side Gallery is open from 10am until 5pm. Work from The Harry Pye Awards For Art 2018 can be seen until the 4th of September. The A Side B side Gallery is a 2 minute walk from Hackney Central.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Triptych for sale

Above: 10 years ago Harry Pye, Rowland Smith and Marcus Cope worked together on a new version of Francis Bacon's 'Three Figures at The Base of a Crucifixion.' The painting was made for The Free Art Fair organised by Jasper Joffe.
Above: Harry Pye at the opening of The Free Art Fair 2008. The triptych was given away to a visitor to the Free Art Fair completely free of charge. The person who got it, kept it for a while and then eventually sold it to someone for £2000. That person no longer has the room to install it and wants to sell. If you're interested in buying it get in touch via:
Above: Jasper Joffe at The 3rd and final Free Art Fair which took place at The Barbican. The Free Art Fair featured many artists including; Matthew Collings, Stuart Cumberland, Adam Dant, Marlene Dumas, Rose Gibbs, Luke Gottelier, Peter Harris, James Jessop, Chantal Joffe, Jasper Joffe, Peter Lamb, Cathy Lomax, Bruce McLean, Alex Gene Morrison, Martin Sexton, Bob & Roberta Smith, Geraldine Swayne, Gavin Turk, and Stella Vine. For more info click: here