Wednesday 19 December 2018

The Spammed support Specialized and The Teenage Cancer Trust

Specialized is a musical community that was created in 2012 to raise funds to improve the lives of teens and young adults with cancer or who are living in difficult circumstances. The Specialized Project brings together amateur and professional musicians with the shared goal of creating musical projects to raise funds for cancer research and support agencies, particularly The Teenage Cancer Trust, The National Foundation for Youth Music and Tonic Music for Mental Health. They’ve done this by the production of themed albums supported by live music events across the UK.
Specialized 7: BOSS which is available now, is a four disc CD box-set featuring reinterpretations of all ska’s hit factory Trojan Records. Tracks featured on the compilation include The Spammed's version of Jimmy Cliff's You Can Get It If You Really Want. You can buy it for £15.99 via the Specialized online shop:
Yesterday The Spammed visited South London's Perry Vale studio to record a cover of 'The Prince' (originally by Madness) which will feature on 'Specialized 8' (a tribute to 2-Tone Records) which will be released in 2019. The Spammed consist of; Kevin Eldon (Vocals), Neil Innes (Keyboard), Micko Westmoreland (Guitar), Horace Panter (Bass), and Rat Scabies (drums). The man at the mixing desk for this recording was Pat Collier, (a former member of The Vibrators) who has worked with numerous bands over the years including The House of Love,Katrina & The Waves, The Wonderstuff, and Jesus & Mary Chain.
The Prince was released on Two Tone records on the first of September, 1979 and was the band's first top twenty hit single. The track is a tribute to the Ska legend Prince Buster who gave the world such classics as Earthquake, One Step Beyond, Al Capone, 10 Commandments and Oh Carolina.
Image above: Kevin studies the nutty lyrics. Image below: The Fun Boy 3
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wednesday 14 November 2018

Opening Party at Shortwave Gallery for Funny Business exhibition

'Funny Business' is an exhibition featuring work by Jasper Joffe, Kate Lyddon, Geraldine Swayne, Harry Pye in collaboration with Rowland Smith, in collaboration with Gordon Beswick, and Harry Pye on his own. Here are the first batch of photos from the opening night. The show is on till the 27th November. More info: here
Above: Harry Pye and Gordon Beswick
Above: Bridget Swann with "Mature Lady Artist" Sadie Hennessey.
Above: Rob Wray, Reuben Powell, Peter Gordon
Above: James Lawson. Painting of Harpo & Groucho by Geraldine Swayne and Harry Pye
Above: Rachelle Allen-Sherwood with Sadie Hennessey
Above: Martin Sexton with Jasper Joffe
Above: Harry Pye and Rob Wray
Above: Cheers Paul
Above: New painting by Kate Lyddon
Above: Jasper Joffe with Chris Tosic
Above: Weird Nightmare painted by Rowland Smith and Harry Pye
Above: Mr X, James Lawson, Richard Lamy
Above: Harry the Hat
Above: Jackie Clark and friend
Above: John Hind
Above: "Here's to those who wish us well..."
Above: Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf, Rob Wray, Jackie Clark, Gregory Williams
Above: Shortwave cafe Society
Above: Max Reeves is drawn to a Smith/Pye painting of Scarlett & Sodastream
Above: Geraldine Swayne
Above: Max Reeves and Harry Pye
Above: Max Reeves and Geraldine Swayne
Above: Aidan O'Sulivan and Chris Coombes
Above: Shortwave's resident DJ takes a sneaky peak at Sadie's work.
Above: Ladies in the house
Above: The next morning <

Saturday 3 November 2018

Jo Mama gives away her art away free of charge at A Side B Side Gallery

The First 26 people to attend Jo Mama's Alphabet Show at Mare Street's A Side B Side Gallery were given a free artwork...
For more info about the Alphabet Show: Art Council Art News Carpe Diem news Art Rabbit news