Thursday 19 March 2020

Warhol Show at Tate Modern

Above: A bus in Lewisham carries an ad for the Andy Warhol show at Tate Modern. Sadly the gallery is closed, "until at least the 1st of May." I managed to sneak in on Tuesday and take a few snaps.
Above: Lovely Liz Taylor
Above: A Floating Silver Pillow.
Above: Elvis Lives
Above: Souper show
Above: Marilyn
Above: The Book Shop
Above: The smell of... "You're In"
This exhibition is organised by Tate Modern and Museum Ludwig, Cologne in collaboration with the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto and Dallas Museum of Art. If you're a fan of Warhol you may appreciate the current issue of Le Document. See: here for interviews with Warhol's biographer Victor Bockris, plus Warhol poems by Mikey Georgeson, an essay bout The Velvet Underground by Richard Strange, and text on Warhol's self portrait by Dexter Dalwood.

Wednesday 11 March 2020

Issue 3 of Le Document is out on the 15th of March

Follow Le Document on Instagram: here The Contents of Issue Three will include... Art work of the Month: Warhol's 1986 Self Portrait chosen by Dexter Dalwood
Pet of The Month: Dali the Cat...
Essay of the Month: Richard Strange on The Velvet Underground
Interview of the Month: Victor Bockris
Profile of the Month: Audre Lorde
Photo of the Month: 'Kaleidoscope' by
plusPoem of the month by Mikey Georgeson, Astrology by Jo Mama, & much more

Friday 6 March 2020

Abstract Paintings by Harry Pye

Above: 'Fehllesitung' by Harry Pye, Jan, 2020.
Above: 'Heimlich'by Harry Pye, Feb, 2020.
Above: 'Abwehr' by Harry Pye, March 2020
Above: 'Verteidigungs Mechanismus' 'by Harry Pye April 2020